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Juraj talks about his experiences with invisalign

January 20, 2018

Could breath mints be harming my teeth?

January 19, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistA quick fix for bad breath, breath mints seem harmless and effective. However, unless they are sugar-free, they could be harming your teeth.

Key takeaways:

– Most breath mints contain sugar, and even those that are sugar-free don’t remove the cause of bad breath, merely conceal it.

– Alternatives to breath mints include sugar-free chewing gum, breath sprays, or disposable toothbrushes.

– It may be best to visit your dentist if chronic bad breath is a problem, to ascertain the underlining cause.

“Chronic bad breath, called halitosis, is a sign of a problem with bacteria and possible gum disease.”

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Get the smile you deserve today

January 19, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistHaving a smile to be proud of can boost your confidence. It’s never too late to improve your smile!

Key takeaways:

– If you have gaps, chips or crooked teeth, then talk to your dentist about veneers, crowns or a brace to dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth

– Missing teeth can be replaced with natural looking dental implants.

– You could opt to have silver metal fillings replaced with white ones.

If you are ready to have the best smile possible, make an appointment with your dentist/orthodontist today

“Shouldn’t your smile be just as dazzling as you are?”

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Your teeth can predict your future health

January 18, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistA recent study has shown that tooth loss may be a predictor of life expectancy.

Key takeaways:

– Tooth loss leads to gum disease which is a precursor for numerous health conditions.

– People who have lost 5 or more teeth by the age of 65 have a higher risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

– Tooth loss can be prevented by a regular oral care routine, cutting down on sugary food and drinks and attending regular checkups at the dentist.

“What is going on in our mouths can really be a useful window to our overall health.”

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The best ways to get rid of bad breath

January 18, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistIf you have bad breath there are several actions you can take to tackle it.

Key takeaways:

– You should brush your teeth every time you eat to keep your breath sweet-smelling; make sure you brush your tongue as well to remove any odor-emitting bacteria.

– Halitosis can be due to a dry mouth; some medication, smoking, tea and coffee can all cause a dry mouth.

– If your bad breath just won’t go away, it’s time to see your dentist to check for any underlying problems.

“Reaching for that mouthwash isn’t a long term solution.”

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