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Early diagnosis can save cracked teeth

February 15, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistIf a cracked tooth is spotted early enough the tooth can be saved, rather than having to be extracted.

Key takeaways:

– The first sign of a cracked tooth is a very small fissure – sometimes this can only be spotted under a dental microscope

– Cracked teeth can be avoided by avoiding teeth grinding, wearing a mouth-guard for contact sports and not chewing hard items such as ice

– If you think you might have cracked a tooth see your dentist as soon as possible

“Dental advice is often not sought until symptoms manifest.”

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Fascinating facts about your teeth

February 15, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistYou may not be aware of the following fascinating facts about your teeth.

Key takeaways:

– A full set of teeth includes 32 teeth, and they are unique to each person like a fingerprint – dental records are often used to identify human remains

– Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the body and should appear white – yellow means decay

– 300 different types of bacteria reside in your mouth, and your mouth produces a quart of saliva a day

“Brush and floss at least twice daily and see your dentist for regular cleanings.”

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Love is fun

February 14, 2018

Wendy Harker

February 11, 2018

Would you allow a dental therapist to pull out your tooth?

February 10, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistA ‘dental therapists’ is a new type of dental professional who performs simple treatments like fillings and extracting teeth.

– A lot of states in the US are considering letting dental therapists help with dental care.

– Parents will no longer have to take their children to the emergency room, for a simple toothache.

– Your dentist will still be responsible for handling more serious treatments.

Note that dental therapists are required to complete a certain qualification standard.

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