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The Dangers of Nail Biting: More Than Meets the Eye

May 25, 2017

teeth health smile dentistMany individuals bite their nails when they are nervous or anxious. There are several negative results associated with this bad habit and many of these will involve much more than the nails themselves. For example, chipping your teeth can result in a flawed smile and a trip to the dentist.

What other consequences are associated with nail biting and why is it important to break this cycle?

– Bacteria from underneath the fingernails can easily enter into your digestive tract.

– You will erode protective tooth enamel over time; leading to more cavities.

– Biting your nails can cause further damage to the gums.

Bacteria are then introduced into the oral cavity that wouldn’t normally be, which could harm your smile by making your mouth more acidic or even your body by contracting infections like pinworm.

Take a look at this full article to learn more:


Dental Implants Manchester – How They Fit Into A Smile Makeover

May 24, 2017

Not happy with your smile? Then how about a Smile Makeover! Here at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics, we can improve the appearance of your smile using one or more cosmetic treatments including dental implants Manchester. Patients can visit our skin clinic Manchester and gum clinic Manchester to undergo a variety of treatments to ensure that they get the smile they want.

Dental Implants Manchester

Missing teeth replacement

Let’s face it if there’s one thing that’s sure to ruin a smile it’s missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth through dental implants restores both bite and function, and can also help to re-establish facial fullness that might have been lost through natural bone shrinkage. While this can give the patient a younger look to a certain point, what about those unsightly wrinkles that may have formed as the bone tissue has diminished and the skin has become loose? Or what about those noticeable frown lines that have become more prominent? The answer lies in a series of treatments which make up a full Smile Makeover. Let’s take a closer look at what that can involve…

Gum contouring

Otherwise known as gum reshaping or gum sculpting, this treatment is often utilised as part of a series of treatments designed to fully restore a smile. Having the right balance of tooth and gum is the ideal combination for that perfect smile. For those with gums which are resting too low or too high on the teeth, a simple treatment can easily correct uneven gum lines. It’s a relatively quick surgical procedure that’s normally carried out chair-side at the dental practice rather than at a specialist gum clinic in Manchester and involves lasers and radio surgery.

Spacing and alignment

Overlapped, crooked, or gapped teeth can be corrected using orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign which straighten the teeth, or through cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers to improve appearance. In the case of orthodontic treatment, this is carried out before dental implants are fitted, whereas porcelain veneers are fitted after dental implants to further enhance the remaining teeth. Either way, both treatments can be used in the overall Smile Makeover process.

Wrinkle reduction and lip fillers

Just as it would if you visited a skin clinic Manchester, the Smile Makeover process can also involve the use of Botox and lip fillers. Usually this process is carried out at the practice after patients have undergone dental implants Manchester in order to enhance thinning lips, eradicate frown lines, and rejuvenate the face.

Teeth whitening

As we get older our teeth naturally discolour. This is also accelerated by foods and beverages such as red berries, red wine, tea, coffee, and cola. Often before a patient undergoes treatment for dental implants they’ll opt to have their teeth whitened so that when their missing teeth are replaced, they have the best and most natural smile possible. Teeth whitening can either be carried out chair side, at home using professional take home kits, or a combination of both.

Restoring balance and harmony

Cosmetic enhancements can also be made after dental implants have been fitted to restore full harmony and balance in the mouth. For example, uneven, cracked, or chipped teeth can be cosmetically bonded and silver amalgam fillings can be replaced with white fillings. Inlays and onlays can be utilised to repair damaged teeth and halt the spread of tooth decay. In fact, there are a whole host of procedures which can be undertaken to complement your new implants and bring out the very best in your smile.

So what about the life of a complete Smile Makeover?

All cosmetic enhancements whether they’re dental Implants Manchester, porcelain veneers, inlays and/or onlays, require care and attention. So, depending on how well you look after your teeth and cosmetic enhancements will ultimately determine how long your Smile Makeover will last. Teeth whitening treatment will need to be topped up at various times, as will wrinkle reduction and lip enhancement. Composite bonding will also need replacing as it becomes stained. That said, you can expect more permanent structures such as porcelain veneers and crowns to last somewhere between 10-15 years. However, if the patient isn’t careful then the prosthetic teeth and cosmetic enhancements can easily chip and break.

The fact is that a full Smile Makeover can drastically enhance your appearance and improve your life and what’s more, you don’t have to go to a specialist gum clinic Manchester or skin clinic Manchester to have it done. At Church Road Dental and Cosmetics you can achieve the perfect smile right here under one roof. So if you’re fed up with your smile, it could be time to act and do something about it. Book yourself a free no-obligation consultation today and start the ball rolling towards a healthier happier smile. To make an appointment contact us on 0161 486 0743.


Why You Should Always Brush Your Teeth

May 22, 2017

teeth health smile dentistBrushing your teeth twice daily is recommended by the American Dental Association as is visiting the dentist at least yearly. Flossing should also be done every day but what happens if you fall short of these standards?

Quite apart from the obvious possible dental problems and a less than confident smile, there can be more serious consequences according to a recent article by Melanie Aman.

– Diabetes. Poor dental hygiene can lead to a resistance to insulin and possibly diabetes.

– Dementia. A study of older people who had not brushed their teeth every day revealed they were from 22% to 65% more prone to dementia.

– Heart Disease. Although it has yet to be proven, there appears to be a direct link between oral bacteria and plaque clogging the arteries of the heart.

Ms. Aman further reports that poor oral hygiene can also be a contributory factor in various cancers but all is not doom and gloom. As the article states “if you brush and floss as your dentist tells you” then you are well on your way to healthy teeth and a carefree smile.

Melanie Aman’s article can be found at


Botox Treatment Manchester And Much More At Church Road Dental

May 20, 2017

botox treatment manchester

Finding the right dentist is of the utmost importance if you want to look after your teeth. Better still however, is finding a practice that offers cosmetic treatments such as Botox treatment Manchester, restorative treatments such as dental implants Manchester; and even educational advice in areas such as dental hygiene for children. In other words you don’t just need a dental practice, you need a one-stop dental shop!

At Church Road Dental and Cosmetics we’re just that kind of place. We assist patients of all ages, ranging from young children experiencing their first time at the dentist, through to elderly patients seeking solutions for missing teeth. We can accommodate those who are looking for cosmetic facial enhancements through to those who are simply looking for a dental check-up or a visit to the hygienist. In essence, if you need it, there’s a very strong chance we’ve got it covered.

So, what are the advantages of visiting a practice that offers a wide variety of dental and cosmetic treatments across several fields?

Quite simply, it saves on time and cost and gives patients peace of mind. Let’s face it, an impending trip to the dentist is an anxious time for anyone, let alone those going for cosmetic enhancing procedures such as Botox treatment Manchester or restorative surgical procedures such as dental implants Manchester. When you visit a dentist you know and trust, it’s often far less stressful, making for an easier treatment and a relaxed and calmer you.

Not only this, if you need multiple treatments such as wrinkle reduction after dental implants or teeth whitening before placing veneers, then it’s far easier for us to coordinate these treatments saving you both time and money. Conversely, if you visited a dental practice specializing in dental implants and then visited a skin clinic for wrinkle reduction treatment, you’d have to try and co-ordinate the treatment yourself. In addition, there’s also the added expense of traveling to the various places. Why go through all that when you can have all the treatment you need right here under one roof?


Whether you need to speak to our hygienist about advice on dental hygiene for children, are considering Botox treatment Manchester, or are looking for advice on the benefits of dental implants Manchester over other forms of teeth replacement, we advise you to come and talk to Shi Karim and the team who can assist you with all your dental needs. Come and book yourself a no-obligation consultation where you can hear expert advice and get all your questions and concerns answered, allowing you to make a fully informed dental decision. To make a booking, call today on 0161 486 0743.


When to Take a Child to the Dentist

May 18, 2017

teeth health smile dentistTaking care of our teeth is important at any age and yet, a child might not necessarily be able to detect the signals that he or she needs to see the dentist. While signs such as irritated gums or teeth that are coming in crooked are often clear, there are other hints which some parents might not recognise until the damage has already been done.

Let us take a look at three lesser-known symptoms which need to be appreciated so that the right actions can be taken at the appropriate times:

– An unwillingness to eat. Children refuse to eat may be suffering from a dental condition.

– White spots on the teeth could signal that enamel is beginning to erode.

– A sensitivity to hot or cold foods may be a signal of a more serious situation.

“A beautiful, healthy smile boosts self-esteem, allows enjoyment of food, and affects the way people see us.”

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Kids’ Health: 5 Signs your Child Needs to See a Dentist


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