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Dental Implants Stockport – Why Are They So Expensive?

February 13, 2017

Dental implants Manchester are rightly seen as the most permanent form of tooth replacement that modern dentistry allows. Once fitted an implant provides a natural looking and life like tooth that can last for many years. However despite this fact there is one major stumbling block that prevents some people from considering dental implants Stockport… Continue reading »

Retain Your Smile With Manchester Dental Hygiene and Therapy

December 19, 2016

While many patients see orthodontic treatments such as braces Manchester and restorative treatments including dental implants Manchester as important, they tend to place less emphasis on ongoing dental hygiene. Unfortunately the reality is that most patients will defer having Manchester dental hygiene and therapy until it becomes urgent. However, if you really want to retain… Continue reading »

Dental Sedation UK And What It Entails

November 28, 2016

Many treatments such as being fitted for orthodontic braces Manchester, replacing amalgam fillings with white fillings, hygiene cleans, and general check-up’s are relatively straight forward, non-surgical procedures. However others such as root canal therapy and dental implants Manchester do require surgery and can also be quite invasive. For this reason many dentists recommend patients have… Continue reading »

Braces Manchester – Just One Way To Restore Your Great Smile

July 2, 2016

There are many ways to restore a smile. It may be something as simple as teeth whitening in Manchester; or if you wear dentures, then denture repair Manchester might be the way to bring the best out of your smile. Alternatively it could be something more long-term such as dental implants or orthodontic braces Manchester.… Continue reading »

Britt’s 6 Month smile diary

August 18, 2011

Week 1             Hi my name is Britt & I am one of the nurses at church road dental practice. I recently decided to undergo the six month smile aligner treatment due to rotated teeth on my lower jaw due to not wearing a retainer as a child.  I have… Continue reading »

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