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Adult Braces- Which Type Should I Choose?

April 21, 2022

Adult braces are increasingly popular as there are so many discreet systems on the market. For adults who want straight teeth having to wear the traditional ‘train tracks’ there are now multiple options available. Here are the top 3 popular adult braces on the market, and we offer all of them here.

Clear Aligners; clear, removable adult braces

These are very popular because they are completely clear and removable. They are made from clear, flexible plastic and can be fully removed for eating and cleaning. They must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day. With this system the projected smile is digitally mapped out, meaning the patient can see the end result before the treatment has even started!

Adult braces clear aligners

Clear aligners are clear and removable.

Fixed, Ceramic Adult Braces

This system uses the traditional brackets and wires system but the wires are white and the brackets are clear. This means that they are a lot less visible than metal options. Results can be achieved more quickly than with clear aligner systems, but they cannot be removed for eating or cleaning. This means that the patient must brush around the brackets and wires and cannot clean underneath.

adult braces fixed ceramic

The clear brackets and wires make these adult braces really discreet.

Lingual Braces

This system uses the metal brackets and wires, but they are fitted to the inside of the teeth, rather than the front. They are fixed, so not removable but completely discreet as they are fitted to the back of the teeth. There are two types of lingual braces- ‘social’ ;ingual braces are more of a cosmetic fix, while the standard version is for those who need more extensive straightening.

Adult braces- lingual braces

The lingual braces are metal, but fitted to the insideof the teeth rather than the front.

Watch our video on adult braces here:

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