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Dental Anxiety- how we can help

March 18, 2021

Here, we are looking at ways we help patients who suffer with dental anxiety or phobia. This is a really common issue for a many people, which is worrying because it can prevent people from attending the dentist, which can lead to many major oral health problems. We are proud to say that our practice… Continue reading »

Children’s Dental Anxiety

January 26, 2021

Children are surprisingly adept at picking up on emotions so many children learn to fear a visit to the dentist from their parents. Overcoming a child’s dental anxiety is a combination of guidance, example and information and should begin at an early age.  Most experts in childhood dental anxiety recommend a first check-up and visit… Continue reading »

Dental Phobia Certified Dentist

November 23, 2020

Dental phobia is a very common issue, with dental phobia, anxiety or fear being estimated to affect approximately 36% of the population. A further 12% suffer from extreme dental phobia. Because this is such a common issue, dental practices are now trying extremely hard to make their patients feel more comfortable and relaxed in the… Continue reading »

How Dental Sedation UK Helps Nervous Patients Overcome Fear

May 20, 2016

Aside from a handful of cosmetic dental treatments our dental/skin clinic Manchester utilises the very latest in dental sedation UK techniques to help nervous patients overcome their fears. Just imagine feeling anxiety and fear when you have to visit the dentist for a broken tooth repair, or if you’re suffering a painful problem like a… Continue reading »

What Do Manchester Dental Hygiene And Therapy Technicians do?

October 28, 2015

In dental clinics all over the country, including Manchester, dental hygiene and therapy technicians are important members of the team. Their unique training and experience means that they can provide a level of service that other roles within the dental profession can’t. At our Church Road Dental Manchester crown clinic, we’re fortunate to have these… Continue reading »

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