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Why is Periodontal Health Important?

February 23, 2022

Periodontal, or gum, health may not seem as important as that of the teeth but the two are closely related — as poor gum health will inevitably lead to a number of dental issues. Not only that but periodontal issues can also have an effect on overall health as bacteria can migrate throughout the body. … Continue reading »

Solutions for Jaw Pain, Headaches

February 22, 2022

Do you suffer from frequent headaches, tension in the jar or sensitive teeth? If so, you may have a condition known as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. This often results from uneven joints within the mouth and facial area. The good news is that your dentist can provide a host of treatment options. One common method… Continue reading »

Dentist, Periodontist or Orthodontist?

February 18, 2022

Dependent upon the particular dental situation, it may be necessary to visit a dentist, periodontist or orthodontist. This can be confusing as all are basically dentists — but each has different training in specialist areas. Broadly speaking the three categories are: Dentist – For basic dental treatment, a dentist is the first port of call. Having… Continue reading »

Advances in Root Canal Treatment

February 4, 2022

Not that long ago, having root canal treatment meant painful surgery — and was one of the main reasons people feared visiting a dentist. Nowadays, however, the methods, tools and technology used in root canal treatment have advanced immeasurably.  Some of the main advances and improvements are: Technology – Today’s dentist now has x-ray machines… Continue reading »

Dental Implants Explained

February 3, 2022

Although many people have heard of dental implants, you likely have questions.   In simple terms, dental implants are used by a dentist to replace damaged or missing teeth — and are permanent fixtures in the mouth.  Implants consist of a metal or ceramic screw that is implanted into the jaw. Once healed, this post is… Continue reading »

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