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Dentist, Periodontist or Orthodontist?

February 18, 2022

Dependent upon the particular dental situation, it may be necessary to visit a dentist, periodontist or orthodontist. This can be confusing as all are basically dentists — but each has different training in specialist areas. Broadly speaking the three categories are: Dentist – For basic dental treatment, a dentist is the first port of call. Having… Continue reading »

Advances in Root Canal Treatment

February 4, 2022

Not that long ago, having root canal treatment meant painful surgery — and was one of the main reasons people feared visiting a dentist. Nowadays, however, the methods, tools and technology used in root canal treatment have advanced immeasurably.  Some of the main advances and improvements are: Technology – Today’s dentist now has x-ray machines… Continue reading »

Dental Implants Explained

February 3, 2022

Although many people have heard of dental implants, you likely have questions.   In simple terms, dental implants are used by a dentist to replace damaged or missing teeth — and are permanent fixtures in the mouth.  Implants consist of a metal or ceramic screw that is implanted into the jaw. Once healed, this post is… Continue reading »

Oral Cancer: Causes and Detection

January 26, 2022

While teeth and gums require a dentist’s watchful eye, we need to remember that more serious situations can occur. Oral cancer is a prime example.  Any type of cancer (including oral cancers) result from destructive changes in the DNA of your cells. These cells then begin to replicate in an unhealthy manner, leading to tumours… Continue reading »

Dental Sedatives: A Sure-Fire Way to Control Your Anxiety

January 20, 2022

Do you become nervous when thinking about an upcoming dental procedure? You might be surprised to learn that countless individuals are hesitant about a trip a dentist. The good news is that sedatives may represent an effective means to keep these fears in check.  There are actually several different types of sedation. Local sedatives are… Continue reading »

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