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Afraid of Your Bramhall Dentist? 4 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be!

February 26, 2018

For many people, the thought of visiting their Bramhall dentist is enough to make them shudder.  If you feel this way, don’t be ashamed – you’re not alone. It’s extremely common, with one in three of us feeling anxious during a visit to our Bramhall dental practice and around one in eight of us struggling… Continue reading »

Botox Manchester – Maximise Your Cosmetic Outcome After Implants

January 2, 2017

For many patients undergoing dental implants Manchester, restoring facial volume can be as important as the dental restoration itself. When teeth are lost, so too is facial volume and this is why many implant patients turn to botox Manchester treatment. At our Church Road dental practice our aim is to restore your smile and deliver… Continue reading »

When Is It Okay To Call An Emergency Dentist Didsbury

December 30, 2016

With medical problems it’s relatively easy to know what constitutes a medical emergency, but when it comes to dental issues, the line is a little more blurred. If for example you’re experiencing issues with your Botox treatment Manchester or dental implants Manchester is it okay to contact your emergency dentist Didsbury? Or how about if… Continue reading »

Broken Tooth Repair – How A Manchester Dentist Can Help

October 21, 2016

So you’ve been chewing on something hard when suddenly you realise that you’ve broken off a piece of tooth. Now you need broken tooth repair. You phone the dentist and luckily they’ve agreed to take a look today, but as you put the phone down, it suddenly dawns on you that you aren’t entirely sure… Continue reading »

When To Seek An Emergency Dentist Cheadle Hulme

August 13, 2016

Most of us know what we should do when confronted with a medical emergency but how about a dental emergency? When should you contact an emergency dentist Cheadle Hulme? At Church Road Dental and Cosmetics we’re a private dentist in Cheadle Hulme and as such we have an emergency dentist available during non-working hours for… Continue reading »

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