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Delivering Total Care Dentistry At Our Church Road Dental Practice

August 11, 2015

Cheadle Hulme Dental Practice

When it comes to finding the right private dentist, Manchester arguably has some of the best in the country. However for many patients it mightn’t be a case of simply choosing the most experienced dentist. Cheadle Hulme residents for example should instead be looking to find a dentist who specialises in their particular area of need.

At our Church Road Dental Practice we offer exactly this. Our experienced team have the skills to apply a wide range of dental techniques including preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, Collectively our dentists combine to provide everything from the simplest dental treatments through to complex cosmetic and restorative procedures – all under one roof. In other words we work together to provide total care dentistry.

Although total care dentistry suits the needs of modern day patients, it has a variety of other benefits too.


One of the main advantages of visiting a dentist in Cheadle Hulme who provides total care dentistry is one of convenience. At our Church Road dental practice for example, every treatment is carried out on the premises by our experienced team. Each dentist has their own special areas of interest, meaning patients can have multiple treatments performed by highly skilled dentists, without ever having to travel elsewhere.

Individualised Treatment Plan

Because every treatment is centred around one clinic – it makes it very easy for one dentist to liaise with another in order to create and implement a treatment plan based on the needs of an individual patient. Conversely if that same patient were having to consult with a series of specialist dentists from a variety of clinics, then co-ordinating that treatment could be significantly more difficult.


In many cases clinics that take a holistic approach to dentistry have the ability to slot in multiple dental treatments on the same day – thus saving the patient some much needed time. Take a smile makeover for example. There’s a strong chance that any patient requiring a cosmetic makeover can have their teeth whitened and cosmetically contoured by a private dentist in Manchester all in one sitting. Great looking teeth in an afternoon – what’s not to like about that?

Reduced Fear Factor

It’s thought that as many as one in three people suffer from some kind of dental fear. One way to reduce that fear is through familiarisation. More often than not once a patient establishes a rapport with a dentist they tend to feel more relaxed because they know that they’re in safe and trusted hands. Conversely a patient needing to visit a different dentist in Cheadle Hulme to get other aspects of their treatment done, may feel that fear factor return. This can make for a tense treatment which certainly isn’t ideal for the patient.

If you’re looking for a total care dentist, Cheadle Hulme based Church Road Dental and Cosmetics is the place to visit. We provide treatments that restore smiles, prevent further dental problems, and make you look years younger. Why not contact us today on 0161 486 0743 or visit our website at to see just what our Church Road dental practice can do for you.

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