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Dental Phobia Certified Dentist

November 23, 2020

Dental phobia is a very common issue, with dental phobia, anxiety or fear being estimated to affect approximately 36% of the population. A further 12% suffer from extreme dental phobia.

Because this is such a common issue, dental practices are now trying extremely hard to make their patients feel more comfortable and relaxed in the chair. Here at Church road, we are dental phobia certified. Therefore, we offer a variety of techniques and procedures that help our patients to feel calm as soon as they enter the practice. We also offer the highest standard of pain free dentistry using the latest equipment and technology. Lets examine some of these:

Relaxing waiting area

From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed by our highly trained staff. They are trained specifically to exude a calming manner that immediately makes our patients feel relaxed. They are highly qualified at dealing with anxious patients and can soothe and calm even the most extreme cases. There is a massage chair available free of charge to induce a state of relaxation. Hot and cold drinks are also offered to aid hydration.

dental phobia relaxing waiting area

This is the massage chair that is situated in our waiting area.

Dental phobia treatment: Dental Wand

One of the most common forms of dental phobia is fear of needles or injections. Many patients who suffer from this are scared of the pain that the injection can cause. This is usually as a result of the anaesthetic being delivered too quickly or too forcefully. With the dental wand however, the flow of anaesthetic is computer controlled by Compudent hardware, while the wand is the handpiece that holds the needle. This constant, steady flow of the anaesthetic makes the injection completely painless. For more information about how we use the wand in our practice follow this link;

dental phobia wand

This is an example of what the dental wand looks like.

Dental Phobia Treatment: Dental Sedation

Sedation dentistry is a simple procedure that dentists as well as other medical professionals can use on their patients during any surgery which is potentially painful or lengthy. It uses medication to put the patient in a very relaxed, dreamlike state whilst having surgery carried out. Therefore, sedation dentistry means that the patient does not feel the stress and anxiety that they may usually feel prior to visiting the dentist and the dental procedure taking place.

dental phobia sedation

Dental sedation is the perfect option for anxious patients.

It is an ideal solution for those patients who suffer from dental phobia. It can even help them to overcome their fear of the dentist completely. Sedation techniques are different from general anaesthesia as they are lighter, safer and have fewer side effects. See how we use dental sedation at our practice here:

Dental phobia is a common condition for many people, but today’s technology means that it does not have to be. If you would like to know more about this condition, and the treatments for it then visit this really informative site:


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