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Fear of the Dentist- How we Can Help

March 9, 2022

Fear of the dentist  is extremely common, and one of the main reasons that people don’t attend dental visits. However, if dental anxiety stops a patient from visiting the dentist, issues that may arise will get worse and their oral health will suffer. This practice is dental phobia certified, which means we have many measures in place to help nervous patients feel at ease and overcome their fear of the dentist.

1. Gentle Dentistry Approach

All of our staff are trained in this method to help patients overcome their fear of the dentist. From the welcoming reception staff, to the dentists who are highly skilled at reading how patients are feeling, all of our staff are fully trained at dealing with anxious patients, and making them feel relaxed. They are all highly skilled at detecting patients who have a fear of the dentist, and behaving in a way that immediately puts them at ease. they have a vast amount of knowledge about the psychology behind patients who have a fear of the dentist, are extremely sensitive to this and can employ a range of behaviour management techniques to help them relax.

2. A Wonderfully Welcoming Practice That Puts Patients With A Fear Of The Dentist At Ease Immediately

Our friendly staff and warm environment make our patients feels relaxed as soon as they walk in the door. There is a massage chair, TV screen and drinks station in our waiting area, and our reception staff are more than happy to engage in friendly conversation whilst patients are waiting for their treatment to begin. All of these things will help to make patients feel relaxed and take their mind off the procedure ahead, which will be especially useful for those who have a fear of the dentist.

3. Communication

We encourage anyone with a fear of the dentist to let us know straight away so that we can do whatever it takes to relax them. In addition, there are TV screens in the ceiling above the dental chairs so patients can watch something of their choice, or they can listen to some music to help them feel relaxed and take their mind of the procedure. This just has to be communicated with the dentist. On the reverse of this, the dentists communicate with the patient during every stage of the treatment and patients can take a break whenever they need and can communicate this by simply raising their hand.

4. Technology To Reduce Pain

We use the dental wand here to calm patients who have a fear of needles which leads to their fear of the dentist. The dental wand delivers a pain free injection and we find this really helps to calm nervous patients.

the dental wand helps patients with a fear of the dentist

The dental wand makes injections pain free.

5. Sedation For Patients With A Fear Of The Dentist

For extremely anxious patients we offer the option of sedation. This is where the patient is extremely relaxed and in a dream-like state without being put to sleep. This means the treatment can be performed in a stress and worry free way for the anxious patient.

Click here for further information on dental sedation:

Watch our video to see how we help patients who have a fear of the dentist:


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