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How Botox Works: Targeting Muscles to Soften Wrinkles

March 12, 2015


If you are considering having wrinkle softening treatment in Manchester, you might be wondering exactly how the Botox injections will help to reduce and prevent wrinkles. The answer is in the way that Botox affects your muscles. Although the ageing process can make you more susceptible to wrinkles as you grow older, the movements of your muscles also play an important part.

The muscles in your face are a lot more active than you might realise. Your facial muscles can contract hundreds of times a day as you talk, eat, and express yourself. They are responsible for your smiles, frowns and other expressions, so they shape the way that other people see you, but they are also responsible for a lot of the wear that happens to your skin as you grow older.

The constant activity of your muscles takes its toll. Your skin has to move when your muscles do, so it will always crease a little as you smile, frown, or show other expressions, even when you are young. At first, these lines will disappear as soon as your expression changes, but as you grow older, it can get harder for your skin to recover. Having been creased so often, your skin can begin to retain the lines, so that they become permanent. These expression lines are one of the most common types of wrinkles, and they form where your skin has been repeatedly creased by the movement of your muscles. Common examples are the frown lines that can form around your mouth and the crows’ feet that can appear next to your eyes.

Once you start to see the first signs of lines that don’t go away when your muscles are completely relaxed, it might be time to start thinking about getting Botox from an experienced provider in Manchester like Cheadle Hulme Dental. An injection of Botox can keep your busy facial muscles calm, so that they are less active. As well as having a wrinkle softening effect on existing lines, the treatment can also help to prevent your expression lines from worsening, by reducing the movement of the underlying muscles.

Botox achieves this by blocking the nerve signals that keep your muscles in motion, but it will not leave you with any loss of sensation, or with a frozen and expressionless face. Wrinkle softening treatments have come a long way, and as experienced Botox specialists in Manchester, Cheadle Hulme Dental know how to achieve a natural look. The wrinkle softening injections can be targeted to exactly where they are needed, and they can be administered in a way that will still allow you to express all of your feelings. Your face will probably be numbed with ice or an anaesthetic cream during the treatment, but you should recover normal feeling soon afterwards. If you decide to have wrinkle softening treatment in Manchester to target your expression lines, you will still be able to move your face. Your muscles will simply be a little less busy, which will ensure that your skin stays smoother.

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