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Introducing Digital Radiography to Church Road Dental and Cosmetic

October 24, 2011


Here at Church Road we like to keep up to date with more advanced methods in order to offer our patients the best care we can. We have recently invested in Digital Radiography used for taking X-rays. We’d like to share how you; the patient can benifit from this advancement.

Prior to Digital Radiography there was the standard method in which a film would be placed in your mouth, the radiograph would be taken and the film would be manually developed over the course of the week. Depending on the results of the X-ray we would contact you several days later to discuss further treatment. Digital Radiography connects directly to our Surgery computer and will appear on screen seconds after the Radiograph has been taken. This allows us to discuss your X-rays with you there and then on a large screen where we can then point out any problem areas. We are also able to sharpen, adjust and magnify the image in order to show you the problem areas more clearly and precisely.

The taking of the X-ray differs very little from the previous way in that the same X-Ray system is used. Instead of an X-ray film we will use a sheathed memory plate which is used to take every X-ray. Furthermore, Digital Radiography requires a lower radiation dose meaning you are subject to even less radiation in your lifetime.

This addition is of no extra cost and will improve our ability to diagnose and treat patients quickly and efficiantly.

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