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Invisalign Scanner; our new piece of technology

June 30, 2021

We have just invested in the brand new iTero Invisalign scanner! Find out more about it here:

What is an iTero Invisalign scanner?

The iTero Invisalign scanner creates digital impressions of the teeth. This is truly an amazing technology that will produce very accurate impressions both of the teeth and the bite (the way that the teeth come together). This great new tool allows the dentist to create the most accurate and precise treatment and the patients will be able to see how their teeth will look once the Invisalign treatment has been done. The impressions are taken fast and with ease and the 3D map of your teeth that is produced can be sent on to the dental laboratory so that your trays can be made. This innovation makes the treatment time less and it means that there is less time to wait for your new smile! With the scanner, an accurate impression of the teeth is much easier.

How the new iTero Invisalign Scanner works to create accurate impressions every time

This technology is handheld and can start and stop as the scanning continues. It will produce an accurate impression in 3D of your teeth within the space of a few minutes. The patient can watch the progress of the scans produced as they make a 3D model of your teeth.

to show the iTero invisalign scanner being used

Here is Dr Karim using the iTero Invisalign Scanner

to show the 3D image of the teeth

This is what the 3D image of the teeth looks like.

Can the iTero Invisalign scanner be used for anything else?

This technology is also used for restoration work with bridges and crowns, onlays and inlays as well as its application with Invisalign and in making veneers. This scanner is also used in general dentistry as a way of identifying decay. The scanner detects this earlier than traditional methods so therefore, this can be treated earlier, which leads to less damage to the teeth. It is also a great way for the dentist to communicate any issues to the patient as they can see an image of their own teeth on the screen. Here at the practice every patient will be scanned as as ways of tracking oral health, identifying problems and monitoring progress.

A full information video about the iTero Invisalign Scanner can be found here:

To find out more about Invisalign in Manchester:


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