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Missing Teeth? You’re At Risk for Weak Jawbone

May 24, 2022

main causes of tooth acheFor various reasons, the jawbone can begin to lose its density, referred to as “bone resorption”. If left untreated by a dentist, such a condition can lead to potentially serious consequences. 

One cause of bone resorption involves a traumatic injury (such as teeth that become damaged from a physical impact). Other factors include osteoporosis and advanced gum disease. 

The good news is that bone resorption can be treated. For example, replacing lost teeth (with a dental implant or bridge) will help to prevent jawbone loss. 

It is also crucial to proactively treat the first signs of gum disease with the help of a professional. Simply stated, it is much better to address any minor issues before they devolve into more worrying scenarios. 

Here are some key takeaway points:

  • Bone resorption involves the loss of jawbone density over time.
  • Causes include injuries, missing teeth and gum disease.
  • Follow your dentist’s advice about bone resorption, to prevent worse complications.

Read more about bone resorption here:

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