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Partially Erupted Wisdom Tooth?

July 3, 2020

Your wisdom teeth are the last ones to appear. For many people, this can be during their late teen years or early 20s. 

Wisdom teeth are our third molars. Our ancestors required them in order to chew the raw food that they ate. Evolution has changed our diets and the size of our jaws. This means that many of us don’t need this extra set of molars.

In some cases, a wisdom tooth does not emerge through the gum line properly and is described as “impacted.” 

Key takeaways:

– Any impacted wisdom teeth should be examined by a dentist, especially if you are experiencing pain, swelling, bleeding or a bad taste.

– An impacted wisdom tooth can be difficult to clean which increases the risk of gum disease and infection.

– An impacted wisdom tooth can cause other teeth to shift which may affect your smile.

For some people, the solution might involve removing the wisdom teeth, but a dentist can assess if this is necessary. Contact your dentist for a checkup and more information.

“For the majority of people who have a partially erupted wisdom tooth, extraction is the only treatment that will completely resolve the issue.”

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