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Smile transformation of the month

May 2, 2018

This patient came into the practice recently for a free consultation
with our smile advisor Jane. Her main concerns were the height of
her old crowns and the appearance of her upper gums. She also
didn’t like her lower teeth and how crossed over they were. The
previous crowns were very old and didn’t fit in with the patient’s youthful
style and appearance. As time went on she was getting increasingly more
self-conscious about her smile and this was affecting her confidence.
Before committing to a paid assessment she wanted to understand which
treatments options were available to her and the costs involved.
In the consultation, the option of replacing the old crowns and doing
some teeth whitening were discussed. This would give the patient a
refreshed, brighter and wider smile. Our smile advisor Jane discussed
the patient’s main concerns and took images. An appointment was then
arranged for a cosmetic consultation with Dr Karim.
In a full comprehensive assessment with Dr Karim, a series of photographs
were taken in conjunction with a 3 dimensional scan using our cutting
edge digital scanner. This helped to explain to the patient the different
treatment options that were available. We later used this digital scan to
produce a mock up of the patient’s new crowns and veneers, therefore
involving the patient in the design process.
A lower fixed brace was initially used to straighten her lower teeth.The
gum growth was removed and crown lengthening was performed in order
to reposition the gum line giving the crowns and the smile more symmetry.
The lower teeth were treated with enilghten teeth whitening to achieve a
much lighter colour. The upper crowns and veneers were ultimately
changed for new, all ceramic emax crowns and veneers which completely
transformed the smile from an aged smile to a very youthful one.
If you would like to know about which options may be available to you
please give us a call or If you would like to explore more treatments similar
to this, please call Jane on 0161-486-0743 to book in for a free non-obligation

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