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Tooth Infection: What Causes It?

July 12, 2021

The basic cause of tooth infection is a build-up of bacteria either in the inner tooth pulp or around the tooth roots. Left untreated, this bacteria will kill off tooth nerves and pus will form. 

Although a tooth infection is often accompanied by pain, this may not appear until the infection is at an advanced stage which underscores the necessity for good dental hygiene as well as regular check-ups at the dentist. The three most common causes of infected teeth are:

  • Injury which has caused even a minor chip or crack on the tooth
  • Tooth decay which often leads to cavities and accompanying infections
  • Gum disease when left untreated can cause infections of the gums and teeth roots

Although tooth infections are usually painful, this is not always the case and an infection can progress unnoticed until extensive harm has been caused. Bleeding gums, sensitive teeth or gums and a persistent bad taste or odour in the mouth are all indications of possible infection and should be discussed with a dentist as soon as possible. 

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