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Top Dental Back-to-School Tips for Your Child

July 31, 2019

Dental Back-to-School TipsAs the summer begins to draw to a close, it is likely that you are already preparing your child for the upcoming school year. It is therefore important to address a handful of oral care concerns in order to improve dental health. What do dental professionals have to say?

Obtain Regular Checkups

Parents should always be aware that the best way to prevent a problem is through early detection. This is why regular examinations with a dentist are crucial, particularly if issues have been found in the past.

Proper Oral Care Techniques

Parents should encourage their children to adopt the appropriate oral hygiene techniques. While this includes brushing and flossing, it can also be wise to change toothbrushes every few months. Speak with your dentist in order to obtain more targeted recommendations. 

Healthy Eating Habits

It is important to review the types of foods offered by a school cafeteria in order to ensure that your child is provided with a balanced diet. In terms of packed lunches, vegetables, milk, cheeses and fruits are excellent (and tasty) options to keep in mind. These will also serve to replace sugary substances that have been known to cause cavities.

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