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Treatment package- Summer Smile

August 4, 2022

We are currently offering a £50 saving when you book a Diamond Polish and Boutique Whitening together as part of our treatment package, summer smile.

treatment package summer smile

Get summer smile ready with our summer smile treatment package.

Are you summer smile ready?

The beauty of this package is that you save £50 when you book these treatments together. Get your teeth super clean and free of stains with our Diamond Polish which uses air flow abrasion stain removal technology. Then, use our best whitening treatment Boutique to get them lovely and white. The Diamond polish is the perfect pre-treatment to whitening as it gets the teeth free of stains and actually makes the whitening work better, which will give you better results.

Why go for a treatment package with us?

Our dentists are highly skilled at deciding which treatments work in harmony together, and patients will often opt for a treatment package, rather than just stand alone treatments. With a treatment package, you are addressing all of you smile needs at once so the final result is much better. By booking a treatments together you will sometimes save money, and always save time as things can be done together at your visits. Additionally the final result will be the dream smile you’ve always dreamed of as you will have improved all the parts of your smile that you wanted to.

What is another example of a treatment package?

Other treatments that work really well together as part of a package would be composite veneers and whitening, braces (for example Invisalign or fixed) with composite bonding. You can even combine multiple treatments to create the perfect package for example with our ABC smile makeover where we combine braces with composite bonding AND whitening. Whatever your needs we are sure we have the perfect treatment package for you so get in touch today!

Watch our video about the summer smile package here:

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