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Which Are the Main Causes of Gingivitis?

October 28, 2019

Gingivitis or gum inflammation is an oral health condition that causes gum tissue to become red and swollen. Although gingivitis is not the same as gum disease, it can turn into it if left untreated. This is precisely why it’s important to be familiar with the main causes of this condition, so you’re better prepared to prevent its appearance. 

Key takeaways:

–  Plaque build-up caused by poor or inconsistent oral hygiene is one of the most common causes of gingivitis. Be strict with your oral care routine and don’t skip brushing your teeth or flossing.

–  Smoking and using any tobacco products can increase your chances of developing gingivitis.

–  Some people may have a higher risk of developing gingivitis. This includes people affected by hormonal changes (including pregnancy). If you’re in this situation, get your teeth and gums checked by your dentist regularly.

The best strategy to prevent gingivitis is to step up your dental care routine and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. See your dentist regularly to get teeth cleaned.

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