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Wrinkle Softening Treatment- FAQ

August 5, 2021

Let’s answer some questions we often get asked about the wrinkle softening treatment we offer here at the practice.

At Church Road Dental and Cosmetics we provide an extensive range of facial aesthetics, including the wrinkle softening treatment, botulinum toxin. This wrinkle softening treatment works by eradicating unsightly wrinkles on specific areas of the face, which can make you look younger and make the appearance of the skin super smooth. We have a highly skilled team of hygienists, nurses, and dentists who have vast experience within the cosmetic dental field, so this makes us great practitioners for facial aesthetics.

  1. How does the botulinum toxin work as a wrinkle softening treatment?

Tiny amounts of a substance derived from Clostridium Botulinum, botulinum toxin are injected into the skin where the wrinkles are at their worst. This substance temporarily paralyses the muscles surrounding the area and blocks the receptors. This prevents signals from reaching the muscles telling them to contract. Because the muscles around the wrinkles can no longer contract, wrinkles and tell-tale expression lines are softened. In many cases they disappear altogether.

  1. What areas of the face can be treated with the wrinkle softening treatment?

There are 3 areas which can be treated in this way.

1. The top of the forehead,

2. Between the eyebrows (the frown lines)

3. Around the eyes, commonly known as the crow’s feet.

  1. Is it harmful?

While botulinum toxin type A is dangerous in high quantities, the amount used in theses types of cosmetic treatments is far below any level that is associated with serious health risks. It has been used to treat wrinkles for over 20 years and does not appear to cause any negative long-term effects. Although it is considered a safe treatment, it should only be administered by qualified professionals. Receiving these injections from an untrained individual will increase the risk of complications. If you’re considering this treatment, you should only seek treatment from a registered medical professional. Do not risk your health or appearance by going to someone other than this, simply because it is cheaper. And be careful as there are a lot of unqualified people out there offering this treatment.

  1. Will it hurt?

There is a slight discomfort when receiving this treatment, as there is with any injection. However, it is all over very quickly, usually within 10-15 minutes, and does not hurt at all afterwards. It does not require anaesthetic and you can drive and go to work the same day. You may experience some swelling around the injection sites for a couple of hours after but these go down very quickly.

  1. How long will the treatment last for?

The effects of Botox are not permanent—they typically wear off within 3-6 months. This means you will need to return for repeat treatments every 6 months or so in order to keep the wrinkles at bay! The more you have it done the quicker the results and the longer they last for. So therefore, once you have your first treatment it’s important to know that you will need to keep returning for more.

  1. How much does it cost?

1 area is £150

2 areas cost £200

And 3 areas would be £250

We can advise you at the appointment which areas you need doing if you are unsure.

  1. How long will it take to see the results?

For the first few treatments, it may take 1-2 weeks to notice the results. However, the more frequently you have it done the quicker it takes effect. We also offer a free top up after a week or so if it is needed.

  1. How effective is the treatment?

This treatment is guaranteed to give great results. However, it is not a one-off treatment. As I said earlier, in order to get the best results, you need to have treatments at regular intervals. Here are some before and after pictures so you can see just how amazingly the treatment works.


showing effects of wrinkle softening treatments

This shows how the treatment has worked around the eyes

showing the effects of wrinkle softening treatment

This shows how the treatment has been used on the forehead area

  1. Why should I come to this practice?

    We have many years’ experience administering this treatment and have produced some fantastic results. Our aim is to create a natural look, rather than ‘freezing the face’. We believe that you should still be able to show expression so we ensure all of our patients are able to do so. I have regular injections here and you can see that it is a natural look that is produced.
  1. What age would you recommend starting these injections?

People tend to think of this treatment as something that older people should get done but actually, the younger you are the more chance you have to prevent the wrinkles from forming in the first place. You must be over 18 to receive the treatment though.

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