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Cerezen Treatment

In many people excessive jaw clenching or teeth grinding is a real problem. It's thought that as many as one in ten of us suffer from the condition. Known as Bruxism it's an unconscious reflex that can be brought on by stress, a malocclusion, or a combination of both. It's also heightened by smoking, caffeine, or recreational drugs. What's more, it usually occurs during sleep, so for the vast majority of us, we don't even know we're doing it.

In fact when we grind our teeth it's thought that we exert 20-30 times more pressure than that of a normal bite. It's no wonder then that the first signs of the problem are usually a clicking jaw, or worse still, severe jaw pain.

The Bruxism conundrum

The problem with bruxism is that it's difficult to treat. Up until now jaw clenching treatment or jaw pain treatment has consisted of sufferers wearing a mouth guard at night in order to protect their teeth and jaw. While this has proven to be relatively successful in protecting teeth from further damage, it doesn't actually prevent people from biting, clenching, or grinding in the first place. As a result teeth grinding treatment or clicking jaw treatment utilising mouthguards has really only ever been a protective cure rather than complete prevention. That is until now.....

The other options for bruxism that we provide are






Cerezen gives comfortable relief

Cerezen is a simple, revolutionary, non-evasive device that actively prevents teeth grinding or jaw clenching as well as the symptoms associated with Temporary Mandibular Disorder (Jaw pain). It consists of two custom-made 3-dimensional hollow inserts that sit inside the ear canal. Because they're made specifically for each patient they're comfortable to wear.

So why your ear canal? Let's take a look at the science behind it....

Each time you move your jaw, your ear canal opens and closes. As the canal is so close to the temporo-mandibular joint the ear canal becomes the perfect place to target the source of any symptoms. When the devices are placed inside the ear canal they maintain the shape of the ear canal in the open jaw position. This effectively allows the jaw to adopt an open bite. The result is a dramatic reduction in jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and clicking jaw. Treatment is discreet and patients can be assured that because the inserts are hollow, they won't affect hearing in any way. While there may be a slight alteration is noise tone, any decrease in volume shouldn't occur.

Cerezen FAQ's

How can I find out more about Cerezen teeth grinding treatment?

Book a consultation with Shi Karim and the team right here at Church Road Dental and cosmetics. We'll happily show you the product and explain how it works.

When Can I Be fitted for a Cerezen Product?

Firstly you'll have to be diagnosed with teeth grinding, jaw clenching or as having TMD problems. Once this has happened, then impressions of your inner ear can be taken to design your bespoke devices.

What about potential complications?

Cerezen ear products are made from medical-grade polymers which are safe to use. This is the same material that's been safely used in the production of hearing aids for decades. Therefore patients shouldn't experience any problems.

Can I insert the products into either ear?

In short no! Each ear canal requires a different fitting. This is why each Cerezen device is colour-coded to avoid confusion. In addition for best results it's advisable to wear devices in both ears.

How long should I keep them in?

It's advisable that they are worn at night when teeth grinding or jaw clenching might be problematic. However patients may also benefit from wearing them during the day, provided they are not swimming, showering, bathing, or involved in active contact sports.

What about cleaning them?

We recommend that your devices be removed once a day and rinsed in warm, (but not hot) water to keep them clean. 

If you'd like to find out more about clicking jaw treatment, jaw pain treatment, jaw clenching treatment, or teeth grinding treatment then come and talk to us about Cerezen. To book an appointment contact us directly on 0161 486 0743 and take the first steps towards getting your bruxism under control rather than it controlling you.


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