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Ask any Manchester gum clinic and they'll tell you that gum disease (although one of the most common dental issues) is also one of the most preventable. On average gum clinics Manchester have to deal with hundreds of patients per week who suffer with gum problems. In fact you could say that the majority of people in the country will be affected at some point in their lives. However simply by attending regular visits to your gum clinic Manchester you can help to eradicate gum disease once and for all.

So what exactly is gum disease?

Gum disease comes in two stages. Firstly the early stage otherwise known as gingivitis. This is by far the most common form and is commonly characterised by swollen and bleeding gums. It's usually caused by a build up of plaque which then turns into calculus. Otherwise known as tartar this starts to attack the gum causing redness, bleeding, and swelling. The latter stage is known as periodontal disease and is an advanced form of gum disease which occurs when gum tissue becomes infected. Periodontal disease is more serious and can cause problems with the bone and undermine otherwise healthy teeth.

What types of gum disease treatment Manchester are there.

Treatment for the early stages of gum disease is relatively simple. Using a combination of scaling and root planing, otherwise known as a deep clean, your dentist or hygienist will aim to remove all of the offending tartar that's built up around the base of the tooth which is causing problems. Any infections may also be cured by taking a course of antibiotics. In worst case scenarios a Manchester gum clinic might have to remove a tooth that's been undermined by periodontal disease and a prosthetic tooth such as a bridge or dental implant put in it's place.

So how do you prevent gum disease?

In essence, by practising three things:

  • Regular and thorough brushing (at least twice a day and for 3 minutes a time)
  • Daily flossing to remove any debris or food particles that have lodged between the teeth
  • Regular six monthly visits to the dentist so that they can monitor the condition of your teeth

As well as our hygiene treatments, we also offer surgical and non surgical treatment to help reduce dental pockets. For very advanced cases, we refer to our colleague Ian Dunn who is a specialist periodontist.

If you haven't visited your Manchester gum clinic in a while then you might want to think about booking yourself an appointment. Remember gum disease prevention is much easier than cure. At our gum clinic Manchester for example we carry out a simple examination which can determine your risk of developing gum disease. If there are any signs of disease then we're on hand to treat it early on. To book an appointment with us either contact us via our website at or phone us directly on 01614 860 743. We guarantee that with our experience, gum clinics Manchester don't get any better than this.

A healthy tooth Plaque builds up... gum and bone may begin to recede. Sometimes the gum recedes with the bone and sometimes it doesn't. Either way the tooth may become mobile.

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