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Tooth Decay Treatment

Tooth Decay Treatment Manchester

Did you know that when it comes to tooth decay, children are the worst affected? In fact a preferred diet of fizzy drinks and a penchant for sweet foods has meant that over 30,000 children in the UK were admitted to hospital last year to undergo teeth extractions. To the non-dentist tooth decay isn't always easy to spot and what's more it isn't always painful. For this reason regular visits to our dental surgery Manchester for periodic decay detection is vital.

How decay detection works?

Decay detection is by far the most important means of preventing tooth decay. Treatment is quick and painless and can make a massive difference to a person's oral health. Detection can be something as simple as chewing a disclosing tablet to expose areas of built-up plaque or by using sophisticated X-rays and magnification tools which have the ability to highlight tiny spots of decay. If any problem areas show up, they can then be treated before any real damage takes hold.

So why is decay such a problem?

In children, tooth decay can be particularly problematic as a lack of knowledge from some parents and/or caregivers coupled with a child's sweet tooth can put them at high risk. Many parents for example understand that giving their child a night time bottle of fizzy drink is wrong but ultimately they mightn't know that other drinks such as fruit juice and even milk can have the same effects. When sugars found in fruit juice and milk linger on the teeth, natural germs in the mouth (otherwise known as plaque) react with those natural sugars and turn them into acid. Over time the acid then eats away at the tooth causing tiny holes or cavities. If left the cavities can become uncomfortable and even painful and may even prevent the child from consuming many of the healthy foods that they need to develop properly.

It's not just children that suffer from tooth decay. Early tooth decay treatment in adults is also key. If not treated it can lead to severe infection and eventually tooth loss. Clearly when it comes to tooth loss, adults don't get a second chance.

How our dental surgery in Manchester can help

Church Road Dental and Cosmetics are totally committed to promoting good oral health in children and in adults and decay detection is a big part of our ethos. Through regular treatments we can help you and your children to fight the good fight against decay. Treatments are comfortable and varied and are designed to quickly spot the early signs of tooth decay. Children and adults alike can therefore rest assured knowing that we've got their best dental interests at heart.

If you would like to make an appointment regarding decay detection or early tooth decay treatment then contact or dental surgery Manchester today. To make a booking either visit our website at or contact us on 01614 860 743 today.

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