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Best Tooth Replacement Options

June 24, 2022

Even with the best possible care it is not always possible to avoid losing a tooth or requiring an extraction at the dentist. 

Perhaps due to an accident – or because of advanced gum disease – a tooth may be beyond saving. There are three good tooth replacement options available:

Dental Implant. This is a metal or ceramic post which is firmly anchored into the jaw and topped with a dental crown. Strong, durable and colour-matched to the surrounding teeth, this is the number one choice for most people as it looks, feels and acts just like a natural tooth.

Dental Bridge. A bridge can be used for one tooth or several, and consists of an artificial tooth (or teeth) attached to surrounding teeth.

Partial Denture. Like a set of dentures, a partial denture is a support frame holding one or several teeth. This is less expensive than implants or bridges.

A missing tooth should always be replaced as the teeth surrounding that tooth can shift and create gaps or misalignment. Read more about tooth replacement options at

What Causes Tooth Loss?

June 23, 2022

your tongue can signal an oral health problemApart from causing difficulty when chewing, eating and speaking, a missing tooth or teeth can also affect a person’s self-confidence. Among the main causes for tooth loss:

Gum disease. Also called periodontal disease, this is the top reason for tooth loss as the condition causes gum tissue to recede and damage the jawbone which anchors teeth to the jaw.

Tooth Decay. Failure to brush and floss correctly and skipping check-ups at the dentist leads to tooth decay and cavities. A large cavity may get so bad that an extraction is the only viable option for a dentist.

Dental Trauma. Accidents and sports injuries are also big contributors to tooth loss so it is advisable to wear suitable mouth protection when playing sports.

Other notable causes of tooth loss include a poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol and poor dental hygiene. 

To avoid tooth loss, it is necessary to keep your teeth healthy — which means taking the time to take proper care of the teeth and gums on a daily basis.


Oral Bacteria Linked to High Blood Pressure

June 16, 2022

The old adage about a healthy mind leading to a healthy body might also be applied to dental health and physical well-being. 

Research has shown that oral health has a direct connection with oral bacteria linked to medical conditions such as heart ailments, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. 

There is also a growing belief among researchers that poor oral health may play a role in raised blood pressure. It has already been shown in tests that:

  • 15 different strains of oral bacteria increase the risk of high blood pressure in later life.
  • People with gum disease are at greater risk of heart complaints and elevated blood pressure.
  • People with good oral health tend to also have better pulmonary and cardiovascular health.

It should be noted that some oral bacteria is actually beneficial as they help produce nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels and promotes healthy blood pressure levels. 

Reducing the harmful bacteria in the mouth is the best and most sensible approach and this can be easily achieved by following a good dental health regimen which consists of brushing and flossing the teeth daily — in combination with regular check-ups and professional cleaning by a dentist. 

More on this topic can be found at

Is Adult Orthodontics Worth the Investment?

June 8, 2022

The vast majority of corrective orthodontic procedures are carried out in childhood or during the teenage years. But this does not mean that older adults cannot avail of these procedures to improve their appearance.

Wearing dental braces in adulthood may sound unappealing == but dentistry has progressed immeasurably in recent decades.

Today’s braces are far less obtrusive and less noticeable than in days gone by. Some advantages of dental orthodontics in adulthood include:

  •  A better looking, healthier and even smile.
  •  Healthier teeth and gums because teeth are now properly aligned and easier to brush and floss.
  •  A significant boost in self-confidence as one can smile more readily.

The dentist, after an examination, may offer the option of clear aligners or lingual braces which can perform the same function as braces but in a more discrete manner.

Clear aligners are almost invisible while lingual braces are attached to the backs of the teeth and are almost impossible to notice.
Read more about adult orthodontics at

Can COVID-19 Impact Your Oral Health?

June 7, 2022

Although the worst of COVID-19 finally seems to be behind us, some individuals are still experiencing its impacts. This is particularly the case when referring to the teeth and gums. 

Did you know that COVID-19 may be linked to several issues such as cavities, gum disease, damaged enamel and dry mouth? What are some of the reasons why your oral health may be adversely affected?

The majority of experts will cite several scenarios. For instance, some people may be afraid of going to the dentist, fearing COVID exposure. However, dentists have been extremely careful about keeping their practices ultra-clean, with special additional protocols in place to ensure patient safety. 

For those patients who have had COVID-19, continuous coughing leads to depleted levels of saliva (dry mouth increases levels of bacteria that are present). Stress may cause bruxism (a grinding of the teeth). 

“Although COVID-19 can have many implications for your health, it can also impact your teeth and gums.”

Learn more about the potential links here:

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