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What To Know About Tooth Extraction Aftercare

August 21, 2018

oralhealth, dentalhealth, dentist, teeth,Careful aftercare following a tooth extraction you can speed up your recovery time:

– Avoid any activities that could dislodge the healing blood clot, such as sport, smoking or drinking alcohol.

– Manage pain with over-the-counter medication.

– Make sure you report symptoms to your dentist such as prolonged bleeding, sharp tooth fragments in the extraction site or developing a temperature.

– Keep your teeth clean and reduce the risk of infection by rinsing with salt water a couple of days afterwards (rinsing too soon may dislodge the clot).

“Avoid rinsing or spitting vigorously for 24 hours after the tooth extraction procedure.”

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When May I Need Dental Crown Lengthening?

August 18, 2018

oralhealth, dentalhealth, dentist, teeth,Dental crown lengthening is most often done as part of a tooth restoration procedure. This involves a dentist removing gum tissue to expose the teeth more.

Key takeaways:

– A tooth that’s broken off below the gum line requires a restoration; crown lengthening may be necessary beforehand.

– The procedure is quite straightforward and only a tiny amount of gum tissue is usually removed.

– For most patients, over-the-counter pain medication will be enough to manage after the procedure.

“For patients who need a dental crown lengthening procedure, this procedure can go a long way towards helping your smile get the restoration it needs or helping you enhance your appearance if you have gummy smile.”

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Afraid of the Dentist? Why Not Try Sedation?

August 13, 2018

oralhealth, dentalhealth, dentist, teeth,Many of us put off going to the dentist to address issues with our teeth due to anxiety and even fear. The good news is that there are several types of sedatives which can help us overcome such feelings while preventing more complicated oral issues.

– Nitrous oxide provides a minimal amount of sedation-

– Oral sedation offers a more profound sense of comfort.

– In more severe cases, general anaesthesia might be recommended.

“Even the bravest among us have shown signs of fear before visiting a dentist.”

Check out this link for more details:

Sedation Dentistry: Alleviates The Fear And Discomfort Of Dental Treatment


What Causes Disgusting Breath When on the Keto Diet?

August 11, 2018

oralhealth, dentalhealth, dentist, teeth,The Keto diet is based on low carbohydrate intake in order to burn fat instead of glucose for energy. A by-product is a substance called ketones produced in the liver which can leech in to the breath, creating a foul odour in the mouth.

Key takeaways:

– A lot of protein can also contribute to the bad odour, as they sit at the back of the tongue when they breakdown.

– Stimulating saliva with water can help with Keto diet breath as can sugar-free mints, gum or mouthwash.

– Regular visits to the dentist, flossing and twice daily teeth brushing are important to keep good oral health.

“Once your blood ketones reach a certain level, you are in ketosis. When your body releases ketones, they leach into your urine and breath; hence, the foul smell.”

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How Does Alcohol Affect My Teeth?

August 9, 2018

oralhealth, dentalhealth, dentist, teeth,Many people do not realise that alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on their dental health. Your dentist can discuss any concerns you may have:

– As alcohol is acidic, it can erode the delicate tooth enamel resulting in sensitivity, decay or discoloration.

– Sugary alcohol increases the amount of plaque on teeth.

– Excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of oral cancer as it renders the mouth more susceptible to toxic chemicals.

“To keep alcohol from ruining your tooth enamel, be sure to sip water with your drink and always wait 30 minutes after consuming alcohol to brush your teeth.”

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