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I Have Dental Implants. Can I Still Undergo Teeth Whitening in Poynton?

September 23, 2019

Teeth Whitening Poynton

If you’ve ever considered teeth whitening in Poynton, the first thing that usually springs to mind is how quickly can I whiten my teeth and what’s the most effective method? What you may not have considered is can I whiten my dental implants? To answer your question, our private dentist in Manchester explains a little more about dental implants.

Dental implants in Manchester – what they are and how they work

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is used to replace a missing or damaged tooth. It’s made from titanium and placed into the jawbone where it acts as a replacement tooth root.

Over a period of a few weeks, the surrounding bone fuses with the implant to make a secure platform that can support a dental crown. Because the implant takes on the role of a tooth root, it stimulates the bone, helping to prevent the bone loss that naturally occurs when a tooth is lost. It is this natural process that causes an implant to become a permanent fixture in the mouth.

Dental implants are commonly used to replace a single missing tooth but were you aware that they can also replace multiple missing teeth or even all of a person’s teeth?

Implants can be used with a crown to replace a single tooth, with a dental bridge to replace multiple missing teeth, and with dentures to replace all of the teeth. Such is their versatility that no matter where in the mouth or how many teeth you have lost, dentists have an implant solution.

The popularity of dental implants in Manchester and the rest of the UK has continued to rise steadily. The Association of Dental Implantology stated in 2012 that some 130,000 single implants were being placed every year and now that figure is thought to have almost doubled.

When implants are placed into the mouth, great care is taken to ensure that their colour matches the shade of the surrounding teeth to give a seamless smile.

However, after having implants there may still come a time when you decide that you need to whiten up your smile. This is when you need to consider your options. Can you undergo teeth whitening in Poynton and will it whiten your dental implants?

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about whitening dental implants in Manchester

First, the bad news

The simple answer to your question is that it isn’t possible to whiten dental implants. This is because they are usually made from porcelain due to its close resemblance to tooth enamel, and unfortunately, porcelain is resistant to teeth whitening agents.

Only natural teeth can be bleached or whitened with such products as whitening strips, a teeth whitening kit, or professional teeth whitening undertaken at your dental clinic.

So, what’s the good news?

The good news is that your implants are unlikely to discolour or stain like your natural teeth, especially if you look after them carefully and clean them regularly. Furthermore, if your implants were used to replace back teeth, they’re not going to be seen anyway.

That said, perhaps your implants have been used to replace front teeth and you’re keen to know if they can be whitened. There are a couple of ways to achieve this, but it will involve some dental work. Our private dentist in Manchester explains ….

Replacing the implant crown

One option is to remove the dental crown that tops your dental implant and replace it with a crown that is lighter and brighter.

In this instance, you would undergo teeth whitening in Poynton and then any implants or visible teeth with restorations would receive new dental materials that match the colour of your newly whitened teeth.

Porcelain veneers

Another solution is veneers. These are thin shells of porcelain that fit over the front surface of your natural teeth. Our Manchester dentist can then replace the implant crown with one that matches the colour of the veneers.

With this procedure we can also correct small imperfections such as gaps between the teeth or irregularly shaped teeth, to give you the white, even smile you’ve always longed for. Naturally, this involves more dental work and is costlier than the previous option.

It’s always best to consult your private dentist in Manchester before undergoing any form of teeth whitening. In some cases, the whitening treatment could damage your natural teeth or your restoration, especially if it is old or you have some decay. You could experience sensitivity, irritation, or burning from an over-the-counter teeth whitening product.

A dentist that is experienced in cosmetic dentistry can discuss the best options for whitening your teeth.

Some surface stains such as those caused by coffee or tobacco may lift off tooth coloured fillings or crowns. However, you should never have a teeth whitening treatment without first having your teeth and mouth examined by a dentist. You want to be sure that the treatment won’t harm your natural teeth or restorations.

How to prevent implant stains and whiten your teeth

The key to preventing tooth discolouration to your natural teeth and your implants is prevention. Firstly, dental implants and any restorations need to be cared for in the same way as your natural teeth with regular brushing and flossing. This means brushing for at least 2 minutes, twice a day and flossing once a day.

You can also help reduce staining by cutting back on certain stain-inducing foods, such as curry, and lowering your intake of drinks such as coffee, red wine, and cola. Be aware, however, that teeth naturally darken and lose their lustre with age.

Visiting your private dentist in Manchester for regular 6-monthly cleaning will remove surface stains from natural teeth and dental implants. The hygienist will also use a special paste to clean both teeth and restorations.

Maintaining a white smile

Over time your natural teeth will start to absorb some stains. This is why it’s important to touch up your whitening treatment a couple of times a year (preferably after a clean and polish) to keep your natural teeth the same colour as your dental implants. Otherwise, your implant crowns will be whiter than your natural teeth after just a couple of years. With professional teeth whitening in Poynton, you can get much better results than when using an over-the-counter whitening kit.

So there you have it. How to whiten your teeth when you have dental implants. Whether you’re considering dental implants in Manchester or teeth whitening, come and speak to our experienced dentists at Church Road Dental and Cosmetic. Call us today on 0161 486 0743 to book an appointment.

Child Dental Care: The Tooth Fairy

September 16, 2019

Child Dental Care: The Tooth FairyThe tooth fairy fantasy is a splendid way of marking the loss of your child’s teeth. The traditional idea of a tooth fairy placing a small gift or some money underneath the child’s pillow remains popular among households. 

Children often begin losing their baby tooth at the age of 6. By this time, a parent has a slight idea of how to use the tooth fairy story for a more authentic experience. There are plenty of new exciting ideas that you may use to mark this memorable moment, just be sure to leave behind a small gift for your little one. 

Creative tooth fairy ideas you can use

Gifting your child with some money is okay but you can also try leaving behind a toy or a book. It depends on their interests and how creative you are willing to be. 

You can also write a fancy letter and sprinkle glitter on it to resemble fairy dust. Avoid writing the letter in your handwriting and make it as crafty as it can get. Consult your dentist too on how to encourage your child to maintain good oral hygiene while still keeping the mystery of the tooth fairy alive.

More Tooth Fairy ideas can be found in the article at

Amalgam Versus Tooth-Coloured Fillings

September 11, 2019

Amalgam Versus Tooth-Coloured FillingsHistorically, fillings to repair decayed teeth were made from amalgam (silver-coloured metal). Nowadays, new fillings can be made with tooth-coloured composite resin. Dentists are often asked if unsightly amalgam fillings can be replaced with tooth-coloured fillings. Generally, they are reluctant to do so unless the amalgam filling is damaged, as removing it can result in mercury exposure, which is best avoided. 

If the amalgam filling is damaged such as being chipped or cracked, your dentist will be happy to replace it with a tooth-coloured filling as decay is likely to recur, damaging more of your natural tooth. Of course, if you are adamant you want your amalgam fillings replaced for cosmetic reasons, your dentist will likely oblige.

For any new fillings that are required, it is worth contemplating tooth-coloured composite resin fillings, as not only are they virtually invisible, they are also better for the tooth being repaired. With amalgam fillings, more of the natural tooth needs removing for the filling to be fitted, whereas with composite resin fillings only the damaged tooth matter is removed, meaning more of the tooth’s structure is retained. They also bond with the tooth making it stronger, and meaning the filling lasts for longer.

Tooth Fairy as Role Model

September 9, 2019

Tooth Fairy as Role ModelBelieved to have originated in the US, the legend of the tooth fairy delivering rewards for missing teeth is now popular throughout the world. Cash under the pillow is the usual reward when a baby tooth falls out — but little treats or outings also appeal to most children. 

The tooth fairy legend can be used by parents to encourage children to look after their teeth by linking dental care to the amount and nature of the tooth fairy’s reward. The tooth fairy can be used as a role model that the child wants to be friends with and keep happy. This can be done by establishing a “relationship” with the tooth fairy by:

–   Hinting that the tooth fairy prefers clean, white teeth

–   Leaving notes from the tooth fairy praising the child’s dental care

–   Letting the child know that his or her dentist and the tooth fairy are friends

Occasional notes from the tooth fairy to “remind kids to brush and floss” can also be helpful in encouraging good dental care and, if possible, letting the dentist in on the ruse can help reinforce the child’s dedication to looking after teeth properly. More tooth fairy ideas can be found at


What services does an Emergency Dentist in Manchester Provide and How Can We Help?

September 9, 2019

Emergency Dentist in Manchester

Help, I need an emergency dentist in Manchester

It’s fair to say that we receive a lot of calls like this because try as you might, you can’t always plan what goes on in life. Accidents happen, and sometimes situations will arise when you feel that you may need urgent dental care. Thankfully, it’s good to know that in addition to fitting dental implants in Manchester or dealing with a chipped tooth repair, we’re here for you if you need an emergency dentist.

Unlike medical emergencies where more often than not there is a real and immediate risk to life, dental emergencies are both managed and treated differently. So while you may not be facing a life-threatening situation, an emergency dental appointment may be needed for any number of reasons.

The emergency dental dilemma

The problem is that opinion is often divided on what constitutes a dental emergency. While one person may feel that a dental emergency is triggered when a tooth has physically been knocked out, others may feel that they need to contact their emergency dentist when they suffer a slight chip to their tooth, or their implant crown has become loose.

So who’s right

Because each situation and patient is different, there is no hard-line stance on what constitutes a dental emergency and what doesn’t. But an interesting stat – and to give you some idea – is that just 1% of all dental-related calls received by NHS24 were deemed serious enough to need treatment within 1 hour.

That said, it probably isn’t a good idea to spend lots of time considering whether your dental problem is or isn’t a dental emergency. If you suspect or feel that something isn’t right, then don’t hesitate to call us. Our experienced team will listen carefully to your symptoms and from this, we will ascertain whether we need to see you right away.

Dental pain

One of the main criteria for seeking out an emergency dentist in Manchester is a pain. Pain is never normal and is your body’s way of letting you know that something isn’t right. With this in mind, a patient with a painful chipped tooth will naturally receive priority chipped tooth repair over a patient with slight tooth chip that isn’t causing them any pain whatsoever.

The same can be said for infectious root canals or abscesses where the pain is excruciating, or unexplained tooth pain that doesn’t appear to have a clear source of origin.

What about some of the other criteria that may or may not constitute an immediate dental emergency? As a general guide, we’ve grouped dental problems into 3 key areas. Let’s take a closer look.

 Immediate treatment

• Where a trauma or accident has caused one or more teeth to become completely detached from the mouth

• Significant bleeding from the mouth or teeth

• Severe pain that isn’t eased by over-the-counter painkillers – see above!

• Wounds to the cheeks, tongue or lips

• Swelling that affects the throat, making it difficult for you to breath

Treatment within 24 hours

• A tooth that has been knocked out of alignment

• Parts of a dental appliance are loose or broken and are impeding the opening and closing of the mouth; or where parts are causing sores or abrasions

• Toothache after a filling, tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or dental implants in Manchester.

• A non-painful tooth where large parts are broken

Treatment within 72 hours

• A loose or lost filling

• A crown or bridge that has become detached

• A detached or loose orthodontic appliance

• When a tooth or teeth has sustained significant impact, but the patient feels no pain

Of course, each situation is different so use these as a guide only, but this should at least give you a rough estimation of how urgently your dentist is likely to see and treat you. That said, in pretty much every case here, you’re likely to receive priority treatment over someone who is simply undergoing a regular dental check-up.

So now you know when you may have to seek the services of an emergency dentist in Manchester, what are some of the most common emergencies we see here at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics, and how can we help? Let’s take a closer look…

•  Infections – Infections in the gum area or the root canal area are relatively common and depending upon the level of pain may require immediate treatment or treatment within 24 hours. Either way, we’ll assess the situation and at the very least will ensure that you are out of pain until we can properly deal with the situation the next working day.

• Broken or fractured teeth – Again a pretty common scenario, particularly in cases where the patient has been playing contact sports. We have several methods of dealing with the problem of broken or fractured teeth including fillings, dental bonding, dental veneers, or dental crowns depending upon the severity of the situation. Rest assured, we will work with you to find the best solution.

• Knocked-out teeth – Depending upon how long the tooth has been out of the mouth and whether or not the tooth in question remains intact, we may be able to replant the tooth to save it. In these cases, time is of the essence. In instances where the tooth can’t be saved, we can either fit a dental bridge, a partial denture, or patients can undergo dental implants in Manchester. These are the gold standard of missing tooth replacement

• Damaged dental restorations – While crowns, bridges, fillings, and dental veneers are designed to be both sturdy and long-lasting, damage can still occur. In these cases, we’ll assess the situation during consultation and decide on a course of action. This may be either a complete replacement or in some cases a restoration repair.

The goal of emergency dental treatment

The immediate goal of any emergency dentist in Manchester should be to relieve any pain and stabilise a condition. Once this has been achieved, then it will usually constitute a follow-up appointment where your dentist can plan any further treatment if required.

So there you have it… If you feel that something isn’t normal or if you are experiencing dental pain, don’t hesitate to give Church Road Dental and Cosmetics a call. Our experienced team can help. Contact us on 0161 486 0743 to schedule your appointment with our Manchester emergency dentist today.

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