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Clear Removable Braces

If you're searching for removable braces for adults then you've come to the right place. At Cheadle Hulme Dental and Cosmetics we offer a wide selection of orthodontic treatments from discreet clear removable braces to fixed braces. Manchester residents can rest assured that if you have an orthodontic problem and would like straighter, healthier teeth then we can help.

So how do removable or invisible braces in Manchester work?

All our braces are individually made so they're bespoke to you. Once a series of photographs and measurements have been taken, you'll return to us when your custom-formed appliance is ready. Depending upon the type of brace you want they'll then be fitted accordingly by our orthodontic team.

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Braces in Manchester come in a variety of forms including clear removable straightening aids or discreet lingual braces which are attached to the back of the teeth. Either way they're extremely effective and barely visible.

Over time gentle pressure is applied which eventually realigns the teeth back into position. Because every case is different treatment times vary and depending upon the severity of your condition and the type of brace chosen, it can take anything from 4 months to two years to complete.

Whether you'd prefer removable braces such as Inman aligners or clear braces in Manchester such as Invisalign we'll do all we can to give you back a confident smile that you can be proud of.
To find out more about removable braces for adults including clear removable braces then why not book yourself a free, no obligation consultation. If you need discreet fitting Braces, Manchester based Cheadle Hulme Dental and Cosmetics is the place to come. Contact us today on 0161 486 0743 to discuss your orthodontic needs.


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Ask your Cheadle Hulme Dental professionals about removable braces as an option for your teeth straightening needs.

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