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Have you been told you need a sinus lift in Manchester? Here we explain all you need to know about the sinus lift augmentation procedure and what to expect.

A sinus lift in Manchester, also known as a sinus augmentation or sinus graft, is a common procedure undertaken prior to receiving a new tooth implant. Even though it sounds like something a plastic surgeon would perform, it is, in fact, a well-rehearsed and predictable dental procedure.

The main aim of sinus lift surgery is to increase the volume of bone present in the Maxilla (the upper jaw area). It is carried out several months before the insertion of dental implants into the space where the upper premolar and molar teeth once existed.

To better understand how the sinus lift augmentation process works, let’s take a look at the procedure itself.

To begin with, a precise incision or flap is made at the back of the upper jaw near the sinus cavity to reveal the jaw bone. Next, the sagging sinus membrane is gently placed up and back into the sinus cavity. The space left is then back-filled with a grafting material (either a mineralised bone source or a synthetic grafting compound).

The flap is then stitched back up, and the grafting material is left to heal for 3-5 months before a dental implant procedure takes place. The whole process is usually over within 1 hour.

Sinus Lift - Cheadle Hulme

Sinus lift surgery follow-up – What can you expect?

A saline spray will be provided to keep the inner lining of the nose moist, and medication will also be given to keep any swelling to a minimum. The vast majority of Manchester patients experience only minor discomfort after such a procedure, and patients are advised to take 1-2 days off from normal activity.

After 7-10 days, patients should return to our Cheadle Hulme Dental and Cosmetics clinic so that we can evaluate the site and remove any stitches if they aren’t dissolvable. In addition, we may also ask you to return several more times over a period of months to ensure the new bone is grafting correctly before receiving implants.

If you’ve been told that you might need a sinus lift here in Manchester or would simply like to know more about how dental implants can help you, don’t hesitate to contact Dr Shi Karim and the team at Cheadle Hulme Dental and Cosmetics. As a highly trained Manchester dentist, we have the ability to restore your smile using proven techniques. Visit our website or contact us on 01614 860 743 to book a consultation.


Why is a sinus lift carried out?

When a patient undergoes a sinus lift here in Manchester, it’s to allow the most predictable outcome for a new tooth implant placed into this upper area. When there is a lack of teeth in this area, any existing bone can face a problematic and rapid reduction in volume over a short period of time. This can, in turn, make the sinuses (those located in the maxillary area) more susceptible to sagging.

When the sinus membrane does drop, there simply isn’t enough room to attach an implant into the space. Therefore, the likelihood of a successful implant outcome is far from predictable. Why? Because tooth implants need the stability of a strong and sufficient bone structure in order to thrive.

When is a sinus lift in Manchester necessary?

There are various reasons why a Manchester-based patient may need sinus lift surgery. These include:

  • Bone shrinkage/decay due to tooth loss – This is the most common reason and is highly probable in cases where teeth have been missing for some while – usually a few months or more when bone deterioration is particularly rapid.
  • Enlarged sinuses – Sinuses can become enlarged for many reasons. This may be because of conditions like chronic sinusitis. When sinuses are larger, they are often in closer proximity to where the implant needs to be placed. This can pose a risk of the implant piercing the sinus cavity. To avoid this from occurring, a sinus lift may be necessary.
  • Age – In some cases, the age of a patient may cause enlarged sinus problems because as we age, the nose lining becomes thinner and can make nasal complications more prevalent.
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