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Prevent These Oral Diseases With Early Detection

April 18, 2018

dentist oralhealth dentalhealth teethThere are many different oral diseases that can damage our teeth and affect our general health. Here are some oral diseases and why it is important that your dentist detects them early.

Key points:

– Gum disease causes inflammation, redness and bleeding of the gums and has been linked to heart disease and stroke.

– Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airway gets blocked during sleep.

– Bruxism patients grind their teeth when stressed, anxious or asleep.

Oral cancer can be treated with early detection. See the dentist regularly for cleaning and screening.

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Why You Should Talk About Oral Cancer With Your Dentist

April 18, 2018

 detalhealth oralhealth dentist teethVisiting your dentist quarterly protects you from gum disease and cavities. However, many patients forget to talk about oral cancer with their dentist. Here’s why you should visit your dentist for screening.

Major takeaways:

– Oral cancer affects the mouth, gums, cheeks, lips, throat, tongue, the palates, neck and face.

– Smokers, heavy drinkers and males are more susceptible to oral cancer.

– Your dentist will look for symptoms of lumps, bleeding, numbness, soreness, patches, jaw and ear pain and weight loss.

Visit the dentist if you have any of the above symptoms.

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Foods That Your Dentist Doesn’t Eat

April 17, 2018

dentist oralhealth dentalhealth teethSome of the most common foods could damage your gums and cause you to lose your teeth. Here are foods that your dentist doesn’t eat and which you should not either.

Main points:

– Energy drinks, sports drinks and sweet coffee beverages have a low PH and large amounts of sugar.

– Dried fruit, chocolate covered resins and canned fruits have high sugar content and get stuck in-between teeth.

– Hot lemon water erodes the enamel, resulting in discolouration and sensitivity.

Hard substances like ice, seeds and popcorn kennels can break your teeth.

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How To Avoid Passing Down Tooth Decay To Your Baby

April 17, 2018

oralhealth dentalhealth teeth dentistCavities can be passed down from parent to child. Poor dental health in children can cause cognitive, appetite and speech problems. Here’s how to avoid passing down cavities to your baby.

Main takeaways:

-Start visiting the dentist early in the pregnancy, to have your teeth checked and cleaned.

– Wipe your baby’s mouth with a soft cloth and warm water to prepare for healthy milk teeth.

– Visit the dentist regularly together with your baby, for assessment and cleaning.

Teach your children how to clean their teeth and discourage chewing of toys.

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Watch Out For These Oral Cancer Symptoms

April 16, 2018

oralhealth dentalhealth teeth dentistOral cancer affects mouth, throat, neck and facial tissue. With about 10,000 people succumbing to cancer every year, it is important to visit the dentist regularly for checkups.

Here are symptoms to look out for.

– Trouble when chewing and swallowing

– Persistent numbness, pain and swelling in the jaw.

– Loose teeth.

– Severe hoarseness that doesn’t go away with typical treatment.

– Pain that radiates from the ear to the head.

Ensure to clean your mouth at least twice daily, regularly see the dentist for checkups and avoid smoking.

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