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Teeth Whitening Wilmslow – Everything You Need To Know

April 14, 2017

Did you know that the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry in the world by far is teeth whitening? Wilmslow residents will be pleased to know that it’s now easier than ever to achieve that brighter whiter smile. Here at our Church Road dentist our highly experienced team can perform teeth whitening as a stand alone treatment, or to enhance treatments such as dental implants Manchester. That’s all well and good, but for those who have never experienced the procedure before, what exactly is it? How does it work? And what can a patient expect? Let’s take a closer look.

Teeth Whitening Wilmslow – Everything You Need To Know

First of all an explanation….

There are in essence two types of teeth whitening in Wilmslow. That which is carried out chair-side at the dental practice, and that which is carried out in the comfort of a person’s own home. While chair-side teeth whitening is pretty obvious to most people, the latter should not be confused with home bleaching kits that you can buy from the pharmacist, online, or in the supermarket. Instead these are professional take-home teeth whitening kits which are designed especially for you by the dentist. They contain stronger bleaching agents than any over-the-counter kit would and as a result will normally achieve superior results. Now we’ve got that cleared up, let’s zoom in on chair-side teeth whitening first.

Chair-side teeth whitening (that’s teeth whitening carried out in the dental chair at your designated dental practice) is a quick, comprehensive, and cost effective way of whitening the teeth. At our Church Road dentist for example, patients can call in for treatment in their lunch hour and return to work with a whiter smile. So how does it work?

Firstly a gel is applied to the teeth which is then heated using a special light. The heat activates the hydrogen peroxide content contained within. As it penetrates the enamel it lifts and cleans the surface of the tooth, removing any surface staining. After a period of time (usually around 20-30 minutes) the gel is rinsed off and reapplied if and as necessary until the correct degree of whiteness is reached. Immediate results can whiten teeth 2-3 shades lighter, but teeth will continue to look brighter anything up to 2 weeks after. Very often this procedure is used on patients who are undergoing dental implants in Manchester, so that their natural teeth are looking their best before the dental crown is attached to the implant to complete their perfect new smile.

What can patients expect?

Patients can expect a certain degree of tooth sensitivity in the days following treatment, but this normally subsides relatively quickly. For this reason patients may want to avoid ice cold drinks and snacks until their teeth are back to normal. Any sensitivity can usually be brought under control with over-the-counter pain killers such as Paracetamol or Aspirin.

Home teeth-whitening kits

In addition our Church road dentist may suggest a home teeth whitening kit but be prepared for this to take longer to show results than chair-side methods. However the main benefit is that the teeth whitening procedure can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Special aligners (or trays) are made to fit your teeth. These are filled with the same whitening gel, but at a lesser strength and are worn over the teeth for a specified amount of time (usually at night when asleep). After 2-3 weeks patients can expect whiter teeth.

Combination treatments

At Church Road we might also suggest a combination of treatments whereby a patient starts off with a home-whitening kit. When their teeth are several shades lighter, they can then come into the practice to enhance their treatment chair-side and complete their great looking smile.

If you’d like to find out more about teeth whitening Wilmslow, either as a stand alone treatment, or before undergoing dental implants Manchester, then contact our Church Road dentist. You shouldn’t have to put up with a less than perfect smile, so contact us on 0161 486 0743 and book a consultation with us.

The Link Between Gum Disease and Premature Death in Post-Menopausal Women

April 10, 2017

teeth health smile dentistIt now appears that healthy teeth represent much more than visual aesthetics alone. In fact, studies have shown that a common trip to the dentist could even lead to a longer life.

Older women who have lost a significant number of their teeth – or who suffer from gum disease – may be at risk of developing a host of illnesses.

The risk of developing gum disease increases as women age.

– Symptoms of this serious condition include sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and bad breath.

– There are a number of preventative steps which can help to reduce the chances of developing gum disease.

Researchers say post-menopausal women with gum disease or tooth loss have an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease as well as other causes.”

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Smile Makeovers – Dental Implants Manchester And More!

April 10, 2017

While there are a number of skin clinics Manchester offering a wide range of treatments from wrinkle reduction, brow lifts and lip enhancement, Manchester patients may be surprised to know that many dental clinics also offer these as part of their range of treatments. So alongside, treatments such as porcelain veneers, root canals and dental implants, Manchester practices also offer Botox treatments and dermal fillers. Strange right? Well maybe not!

Smile Makeovers – Dental Implants Manchester And More!

If you think about it, a cosmetic dentist ultimately deals with the aesthetic look of a smile, and while the function is important to a patient (and to a cosmetic dentist) it’s the finished overall appearance that counts. This is where smile makeover can help. In essence a Smile Makeover is a series of processes involving a collection of treatments which are designed to improve the look of a smile.

So what has this got to do with Botox or lip enhancement?

Here’s a scenario…

Imagine you have just undergone dental implants in Manchester and are amazed by the transformation, not only in the way you look, but your confidence too. The implants have done the job of restoring your mouth which gives you a fuller, more youthful facial look and ultimately, you’re no longer hiding your smile. In fact it’s quite the opposite – you can’t stop smiling! However, there’s something letting the overall look down. It’s your thinning lips that frame your smile and the tell-tale signs of wrinkles in and around the eye area. This is where a Smile Makeover can help….

A cosmetic dentist will be able to not only fix your missing teeth with the addition of lifelike dental  implants, but they can also reshape your teeth and contour your gums for that perfect asymmetrical look; and treat you with Botox injections and/or lip enhancement. Manchester-based dentists such as Church Road Dental and Cosmetics can do all of this under one roof, saving you time and a great deal of hassle. After all, why visit any one of a number of skin clinics Manchester for separate treatments when your dentist (who by now you really trust) can co-ordinate everything for you. It just makes sense!

If you’d like to find out more about how a Smile Makeover can help you restore your looks, your health, and your confidence, or you’d like to book a stand-alone treatment for wrinkle reduction or lip enhancement, Manchester-based Church Road Dental can help. Previous patients will know that Dr Shi Karim and the team do dental Implants in Manchester very well, but in addition we can also banish those wrinkles, rejuvenate your appearance, and boost your self-esteem. Why not call us on 0161 660 1218 and book yourself a consultation today.

Dental Implants Manchester – Is The Procedure Painful?

April 7, 2017

Whether you’re considering a private dentist Wilmslow or a Manchester gum clinic to undergo dental implants, the first concern of many a patient is the pain factor. Let’s face it, having a titanium rod secured into your jaw, probably doesn’t sound like fun especially when there are other forms of teeth replacement that don’t require any surgery at all. Yet, despite it’s horrendous image, it remains the best form of tooth replacement available. So is the procedure painful?

Dental Implants Manchester – Is The Procedure Painful

In a word no! In fact due to the powers of technology and the advancements of modern dentistry, fitting dental implants in Manchester is pain free. Let me explain….

Sedation techniques

Modern dentistry utilises a variety of  sedation techniques which are used to keep the patient in a relaxed and carefree state. These range from nitrous oxide (more commonly known as laughing gas) through to oral sedatives for pain-free sedation. In the vast majority of cases, although the patient remains awake throughout the procedure many don’t recall sitting in the dental chair at all.

What about after surgery?

When a patient visits a private dentist in Wilmslow or a Manchester gum clinic they may expect a slight bit of discomfort after surgery. However the amount of discomfort depends upon the degree of surgery needed. For example, it isn’t uncommon for a patient needing a straight forward dental implant to be back to work the very next day. Conversely a patient needing multiple implants or bone grafts may experience discomfort in the form of swelling and bruising and may also suffer with slight tooth pain for several days after. This is normal, especially after extensive surgery, but in the majority of cases any swelling and bruising can be eased using a mixture of hot and cold compresses, while pain is normally kept under control using over-the-counter pain killers such as paracetamol or Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Even in worst case scenarios, patients can expect to be back to normal within 3 weeks.

What about post-surgery eating?

Understandably when a patient has undergone dental implants, Manchester patients should avoid eating hard crunchy food for a few days at least, in favour of softer foods such as fish, rice or pasta. In some cases patients can expect to be eating normally within 2-3 days, but more complex cases may take two-three weeks before they’re fully back to eating anything. The best thing to do is to heed the advice of the dentist and take it slowly. Start by eating foods such as soup, scrambled egg and yoghurt, then move onto harder crunchier foods as and when you feel the time is ready.

Hopefully, for those considering dental implants ( either through a private dentist in Wilmslow or a Manchester gum clinic,) this post gives you a better idea of what to expect, both during and after the procedure.  If you’d like to find out more about this life changing treatment then you can always contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics and book yourself a free, no-obligation consultation. Dr Shi Karim and the team are on hand to answer all your questions and concerns allowing you to make a better, fully-informed dental decision. Call us on 0161 486 0743 today and start the ball rolling towards a healthy, happy you!

Why Continue Suffering from Sensitive Teeth?

April 6, 2017



teeth health smile dentistA trip to the dentist can help avoid cavities and guarantee a white smile, but is it able to alleviate the pain associated with sensitive teeth? Many are unaware that a handful of lifestyle adjustments will help to address this condition.

There are several suggestions which a dentist will make and many of these can be easily implemented. You will therefore no longer be forced to smile while hiding your discomfort.

– Acidic foods have the tendency to erode the enamel of the tooth. Try to avoid fruits and vegetables which are known to be acidic.

– Using tooth-whitening compounds too often has been shown to increase overall levels of sensitivity.

– Improper brushing and flossing techniques can likewise cause pain. Adopting the correct habits is always recommended.

“Enjoy too many acid-rich foods and drinks and you could erode the protective enamel on your teeth, exposing the vulnerable dentin beneath.”

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