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How do cavities form?

January 16, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistYou may not know that there are several stages to cavity formation.

Key takeaways:

– The first sign of a cavity is a white spot indicating enamel damage.

– Decay then progresses to the dentin layer; a simple filling can prevent any further damage at this stage.

– Once the pulp becomes infected it can spread to bones, ligaments and nerves and potentially develop into a painful abscess; treatment options include a root canal filling or teeth may need to be extracted.

“Always get regular checkups with your dentist to catch cavities while they’re still small!”

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Root canal treatment no longer needs to be feared!

January 16, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistAlthough root canal fillings have a reputation as a painful and time-consuming experience, modern techniques mean this is no longer the case.

Key takeaways:

– Root canal fillings are important to preserve your natural teeth.

– A root canal filling can prevent future pain from an infection; the procedure itself can be conducted under local anesthesia

– X-rays allow your dentist to check the area that needs cleaning out and to complete the procedure much more quickly than in the past.

“Technology has allowed oral care professionals to make your root canal as comfortable and quick as possible.”

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The unknown horrors of early dentistry

January 12, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistEarly dentistry was horrific, even fatal. If you fear the dentist now, we will give you reasons to appreciate modern dentistry.

Key takeaways:

– Before the 18th century, there were no professsional dentists, so patients underwent extraction by the blacksmith or surgeon-barber who would later hang teeth outside for advertisement.

– The rich had sick-looking teeth because they used excessive sugar and tobacco, without proper dental care.

– At the time, local barbers were also the dentists.

Fortunately for us, Pierre Fauchard discovered better dental treatments and wrote a book about it!

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Horrors of Early Dentistry


How long will your wisdom tooth extraction site take to heal?

January 11, 2018

teeth health smile dentistDo you have a wisdom tooth that you would like extracted? Follow these tips for ample healing.

Key takeaways:

– After extraction, a clot will form and you might experience some pain, which can be handled by painkillers and rest.

– For the next three weeks, avoid brushing aggressively, smoking, and consuming extremely hot fluids so the soft tissues can heal.

– Only resume your normal lifestyle about 6 weeks later, when your bone and tissue have healed.

Remember to follow all instructions from your dentist. Ensure to keep your mouth clean, always.

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Why it is wrong to blow on your baby’s food

January 11, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistThere are things we do out of love that may hurt our children. Here is why it’s wrong to blow on your baby’s food.

Key takeaways:

– When babies are born, their bodies have not yet been exposed to the cavity-causing bacteria, Streptococcus mutans.

– These cavity-causing bacteria are contagious and can be spread as you blow the food.

– The bacteria will increase the risk of cavities in your baby, thus causing plaque on teeth as they erupt.

Take your child to the dentist for a checkup before their first birthday.

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This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Blow on Your Baby’s Food

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