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How to clean and care for your dental retainer

November 13, 2017

teeth, health, smile,dentistUnfortunately, most people who wear mouth retainers go for long periods of time without cleaning their devices. Wearing a dirty retainer is like applying bacteria on your teeth.

Key takeaways:

– Clean your retainer immediately if it’s smelly, looks cloudy, has a film or white spots.

– A better idea is to maintain hygiene by cleaning the retainer daily, using a denture cleaner, vinegar, baking soda, toothpaste, castile soap or mouthwash.

– Even if you eat without your retainer, it will still have bacteria if you don’t clean it.

Seek further retainer-cleaning advice from your dentist.

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What are the signs of gum infection?

November 11, 2017

teeth, health, smile, dentistGum disease is one of the most common forms of dental problems. From a gum infection to severe periodontal disease, here are the signs to look out for.

Key takeaways:

– Red, sensitive, sore and swollen gums which feel tender on touch or brushing.

– Bleeding when brushing or having receding gums is a sign of an infection between your teeth.

– Metallic taste in the mouth is sign of gum infection, possibly an abscess.

Gum disease can lead to acute health problems, so seek attention from a dentist.

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Root canal or dental implant?

November 11, 2017

teeth, health, smile, dentistIt is always best to try and save a tooth where possible, however, if root canal treatment (RTC) is unlikely to rescue a severely infected tooth, an extraction and a dental implant may be the better option.

Key takeaways:

– RCT is cheaper, less painful and has fewer complications than an extraction and dental implant.

– However, RCT is only worthwhile if X-rays indicate the tooth can be successfully restored.

– Your dentist will be happy to discuss your options.

“The difficult decision between RCT and extraction is when there is no certainty on the success of RCT.”

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The link between your smile and self-confidence

November 10, 2017

teeth health smile dentistThe happier you are with your smile, the higher your self-esteem is.

Key takeaways:

– Those who are confident about their smile tend to be more confident in life in general, whereas those who aren’t happy with their teeth are often lacking in confidence and can be perceived as less attractive or less approachable.

– Studies have shown that smiling improves your mood, whether it’s real or genuine.

– Book a consultation with your dentist for advice on perfecting your smile.

“With all the benefits a perfect smile offers you, why not see what can be improved?”

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How you can ease sensitive teeth at home

November 10, 2017

teeth health smile dentistSensitive teeth can cause substantial discomfort, and can be caused by gum disease, whitening or overly aggressive brushing. Luckily, there are several remedies you can apply at home to reduce your discomfort.

Key takeaways:

– Select a toothbrush with soft/medium bristles and use toothpaste specially designed for sensitive teeth, preferably containing fluoride

– Avoid or minimise sugary and acidic food and drink intake

– Your dentist can advise on the best homecare remedies for your sensitive teeth

“Sensitivity is usually felt where the tooth and the gum meet and the enamel layer is much thinner.”

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