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Can the Power of Light be Used to Treat Cavities?

June 26, 2017

Lasers are associated with many benefits and these instruments may soon become commonplace when dealing with oral hygiene. A trip to the dentist could soon involve the use of lasers to treat cavities, to clean teeth and to help ensure a lifelong smile. Another advantage associated with these directed beams of light is that as… Continue reading »

Broken Tooth Repair – What Causes Broken Teeth

June 21, 2017

There are many reasons that can leave patients with a broken tooth, from a blow to the face to eating something hard. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, with cosmetic dentistry, Manchester patients have numerous options available to restore their smile. It may be something as simple as repairing the tooth with… Continue reading »

Why you need Hormone Replacement Therapy to protect your teeth during menopause

June 19, 2017

Are you experiencing The Menopause? Hormone Replacement Therapy is not only good for managing heart health and bone density, but it also prevents you from getting dental complications. The menopause puts women above their late 40s at a higher risk of suffering from gum disease and mouth illnesses. Here is why you need HRT to… Continue reading »

Root Canal Treatment vs Dental Implants Manchester

June 17, 2017

As a patient, if you have a compromised tooth then you may find yourself torn between two options for treatment. Root canal treatment or dental implants? Well, the truth is, they are two completely different procedures. By having a root canal treatment, Manchester residents have the chance to save their tooth and prevent the need… Continue reading »

Life After Braces: Looking After Your Smile

June 8, 2017

A great smile can influence how we feel about ourselves, in terms of confidence as well as appearance. Corrective work, carried out by the dentist or orthodontist, can improve the spacing between your teeth and ensure that upper and lower sets of teeth meet correctly. However, once the braces are removed it is important to… Continue reading »

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