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Signs of a Cracked Tooth

June 19, 2018

Left untreated, cracked teeth can lead to pain and discomfort and long-term problems. But a crack in a tooth is often almost invisible and undetectable. However, there are some warning signs to be aware of, including: – Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks – Pain when biting or chewing – Unexplained discomfort around… Continue reading »

The Process of “Waking Up” from a Novocaine Treatment

June 16, 2018

A dentist may apply Novocaine to a specific area before treating oral issues such as a cavity or gum disease. Once the procedure is completed, any numb sensations will generally wear off within a short period of time. What are the stages and what does it feel like? – It is likely that you will… Continue reading »

Caring For Baby’s Dental Health Before and After Birth

June 11, 2018

There are several things new mothers can do to improve their baby’s dental health: – A mother’s dental health directly affects her baby’s oral health as bacteria within the mother’s mouth end up in baby’s mouth; it’s therefore important to maintain good oral health during pregnancy. – After baby is born, their gums can be… Continue reading »

All You Need to Know about Impacted Wisdom Teeth

June 11, 2018

If a wisdom tooth (third molar) attempts to erupt where there is insufficient room, it is referred to as ‘impacted’. In summary: – An impacted wisdom tooth is prone to infection, resulting in pain and swelling. – The best treatment for an impacted wisdom tooth is extraction before they start causing any problems, such as… Continue reading »

What Can I Do About Discoloured Patches On My Teeth?

June 9, 2018

Some people will experience unwelcome areas of discolouration on their teeth. Fortunately, these can be prevented or treated as follows: – Stains caused by food, drink or smoking can be remedied by brushing teeth with a homemade paste of baking soda and water or over-the-counter whitening remedies. – Your dentist can provide a teeth whitening… Continue reading »

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