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Harmful Effects of Aggressively Brushing Your Teeth

April 10, 2018

Although you have been told to brush your teeth regularly, you are still at risk of gum disease if you brush aggressively. Aggressive brushing corrodes your enamel, resulting in serious dental issues. Key points: – Aggressive brushing causes pain and sensitivity when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks. – Enamel erosion causes discolouration,… Continue reading »

Types Of Gum Surgery And Who Are They For

April 10, 2018

Although gum disease can usually be treated at the dentist’s office, some complicated or advanced cases require periodontal surgery. Key takeaways: – Flap surgery is used to remove tartar build-up deep within gums and around teeth. – Tissue and bone grafting replace damaged or worn tissue in gums and surrounding areas and support regrowth. –… Continue reading »

Gum Surgery May be Required to Address Gum Disease

April 9, 2018

Gum disease can lead to your dentist recommending gum surgery to correct the issue. Gingivitis and periodontitis are examples of gum disease which may need to be addressed with gum surgery. Key takeaways: – Gum disease can result in tooth loss and bone damage as gums separate from the teeth. – Different forms of gum… Continue reading »

Benefits of Visiting The Dentist Regularly

March 28, 2018

Most people take care of their skin and weight but forget their dental health. Seeing the dentist regularly is one of the ways of taking care of your teeth. Here are the benefits of receiving regular dental checkups. Main takeaways: – You might be having issues like oral cancer, that only a dentist would diagnosis.… Continue reading »

Importance of Dentistry

March 26, 2018

We know that seeing the dentist routinely protects our teeth against cavities. But regular dental exams and cleaning can keep away issues like diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Major Keys: – X-rays provide a clearer picture of tiny cavities, breaks and shifts. – Examining all oral cavity including cheeks, tongue, lips and gums may help… Continue reading »

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