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Gum disease linked to cancer in older women

November 16, 2017

Studies reveal that gum disease could increase the risk of cancer in older women. Those cancers include melanoma, gallbladder, lung and breast cancers. Here is why you need to see the dentist regularly and practice oral hygiene. Key takeaways: – The study suggests oral hygiene and treating periodontal disease are cancer-preventive measures. – Periodontitis increases… Continue reading »

How To Brush Teeth Correctly

November 16, 2017

Incorrect brushing is more common than you may think, so here are 3 essential tips to get it right. Key takeaways: – Use an electric toothbrush with a small head and brush for at least 2 minutes. – Choose toothpaste with at least 1,400 parts per million of fluoride (you need to read the ingredients).… Continue reading »

Are dental X-rays necessary?

November 15, 2017

Are you wondering if all the x-rays that your dentist recommends is necessary? According to dental guidelines, dentists should not rely on x-rays. Key takeaways: – Although dental X-rays involve little radiation, efforts should be made to minimise their use. – An X-ray is necessary to establish a baseline, if you are visiting the dentist… Continue reading »

Reasons and treatment of translucent teeth

November 15, 2017

Our teeth are naturally white. However, over time, our teeth become affected by foods, drinks and other habits. Here are the reasons why your teeth seem translucent. Key takeaways: – Erosion of enamel, a hard layer that protects teeth, can result from harmful stomach acids. – Teeth grinding can also harm tooth enamel. – Overexposure… Continue reading »

Excessive use of toothpaste could be dangerous -study reveals

November 14, 2017

How safe is your toothpaste usage? You have reasons to consult your dentist about the type and amount of toothpaste to use. Key takeaways: – Although you do not swallow your toothpaste, the mouth cavity has a high permeability. – Any chemical put in your mouth can be absorbed into your bloodstream. – Triclosan, a… Continue reading »

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