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Safety of Dental Sedation During Pregnancy

September 14, 2021

For certain dental procedures, a dentist may administer some form of sedation. This could be very mild just to relax a nervous patient or strong enough to render a patient unconscious for more complex and extensive surgery such as root canal treatment.  All forms of dental sedation have been tested over many years and can… Continue reading »

Risks of Untreated TMJ Disorders

June 17, 2021

The temporomandibular joints, often abbreviated to TMJ, connect the lower jaw (mandible) to the skull and are the hinges that allow a person to open and close the mouth. TMJ disorders have a wide array of causes but when the joints are not functioning correctly the damage caused can be severe.  Early warning symptoms can… Continue reading »

Dental Anxiety- how we can help

March 18, 2021

Here, we are looking at ways we help patients who suffer with dental anxiety or phobia. This is a really common issue for a many people, which is worrying because it can prevent people from attending the dentist, which can lead to many major oral health problems. We are proud to say that our practice… Continue reading »

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