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Dental Sedatives: A Sure-Fire Way to Control Your Anxiety

January 20, 2022

Do you become nervous when thinking about an upcoming dental procedure? You might be surprised to learn that countless individuals are hesitant about a trip a dentist. The good news is that sedatives may represent an effective means to keep these fears in check.  There are actually several different types of sedation. Local sedatives are… Continue reading »

Great Options for Children’s Orthodontic Treatment

December 15, 2021

There was a time when correcting problem teeth for children was done by fitting unsightly metal braces. The modern dentist, however, has multiple options available to treat crooked, misaligned or crowded teeth. The following is just a sample of some of the most popular and effective orthodontic choices for children: Damon Braces. These are more… Continue reading »

Main Causes of Toothache

November 4, 2021

Regardless of how well we look after our teeth, there is always the chance that toothache will strike at some point in time. Of course, brushing and flossing properly and regularly visiting the dentist will reduce the risk of toothache — but sometimes this is simply out of our control.  Toothache can occur for a… Continue reading »

Do Children Suffer TMJ Disorders?

September 9, 2021

The temporomandibular joints connect the jawbone to the skull and are prone to various disorders. TMJ disorders can usually be traced back to an injury, inflammation, teeth grinding (bruxism), diseases like arthritis or issues with the teeth such as a misaligned bite.  Although TMJ issues are unusual in children, problems can arise and those most… Continue reading »

What Can You Expect From a Deep Cleaning

September 1, 2021

Is your dentist concerned about the condition of your teeth and gum disease? If so, you may be ready for a deep cleaning. This type of procedure is used to aggressively remove plaque and tartar that is present below the gum line. Let us take a quick look at what you can expect. A Deeper… Continue reading »

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