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Smile of The Month

October 24, 2019

This patient came to see us after a member of his family had cosmetic work completed by us. The patient came to the practice for free consultation with our smile advisor Jane. He had been unhappy with his teeth for many years. He had his upper teeth crowned 25 years ago due to discolouration from antibiotics otherwise known as tetracycline staining. Unfortunately his gums had now receded and he hadn’t seen a dentist in over 2 years. His main concerns were the teeth appeared worn, discoloured, and aged. He wanted to improve his overall smile and confidence. Following a full comprehensive assessment with Dr Karim, a series of intraoral photographs were taken in conjunction with a 3 dimensional intra oral scan using our cutting edge digital scanner. This helped to explain to the patient which different treatment options were available. We later used this digital scan to produce a smile simulation of his teeth. We discussed in detail changing the gum position, replacing gaps with dental implants and renewal of the old crowns. Before treatment we referred the patient to Ian Dunn at Clinic 334 in Wilmslow for a beautiful connective tissue graft. This was to change the gum position and undo the gum shrinkage. The patient then returned to have the old crowns removed and the teeth were re-prepared painlessly for the new crowns. On this appointment we also placed dental implants. Whilst waiting for the crowns to be made in a dental lab, the patient started whitening the lower teeth using our premium Enlighten whitening system. The patient also attended the dental laboratory for a personal visit with our lab technician to match the tooth shade perfectly. Before we knew it, the crowns and implant retained crowns were back from the dental laboratory. We removed the temporary ones and fitted the final crowns. With the custom shade match the new crowns blended in perfectly to his smile. This treatment was simply yet effective. The patient was delighted with his new smile.

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