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July 31, 2019


Is There a Connection Between Pacifiers and Oral Health?

February 21, 2019

As a parent, the oral health of your child is a top priority. Although regular appointments with a dentist are required, you might be surprised that there are some rules to follow when employing a standard pacifier.   Children should be weaned off of a pacifier by two years of age. It is best to… Continue reading »

How to Care for Dental Veneers

February 20, 2019

Have you recently acquired veneers from your dentist? If so, it is important to care for them properly so that no future issues will be experienced. Let us take a quick look at how you can extend the lifespan of your veneers. Be sure to brush and floss on a regular basis. Those playing contact… Continue reading »

Causes of Sensitive Gums

February 18, 2019

Taking care of the gums is a vital component of good dental health as they are the basis for good dental structure. Any damage to, or infection of, the gums can impact negatively on the teeth and even result in tooth loss. There are several main causes of sensitive gums: – Incorrect brushing or flossing… Continue reading »

What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

February 16, 2019

Some individuals will develop an impacted wisdom tooth when they are teenagers or young adult. When these teeth enter at an oblique angle, they can cause a significant amount of pain and discomfort. The good news is that this situation can be addressed by a dentist. What else should you know? – One or more… Continue reading »

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