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Whitening Treatments Explained

February 3, 2022

There are a variety of different whitening treatments on offer- but which one is best suited for you?  Here we explain the different whitening options available.

Home Whitening Treatments

Impressions will be taken and from this, custom made trays will be taken home. With this whitening treatment, the patient wears the whitening gel overnight in the trays for as long as is needed to reach the desired shade. This is the cheapest of the whitening treatments.

Zoom Whitening Treatments

There are two options with Zoom:

1. In-surgery laser treatment only

This lasts for one hour. The gel is placed on the teeth and a uv lamp is used to apply heat that helps the gel to penetrate the teeth. This gives instant results.

2. Laser whitening treatment plus night trays

This package consists of the one hour in surgery treatment followed by home whitening using the Zoom gel and custom made trays. This is a good option because the patient gets the quick reults, followed by the ability to top up the shade at home when required.

zoom whitening treatment results

Zoom Whitening gives great reaults

Enlighten Whitening

The Enlighten gel is one of the best on the market and will give some of the best results of all the whitening treatments out there. It is worn in custom made trays for 6-8 hours per day at home for 2-3 weeks. The treatment is then finished with an hour long in-surgery finishing procedure at the practice.

Boutique Whitening

The Boutique gel is another top of the range product that will yield the lightest shades. The difference here, compared to other whitening treatments is that the trays are made using a digital scan rather than by taking impressions. The Boutique gel is worn in the custom made trays for as long as is needed for the desired shade to be achieved.

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