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25 April 2024

Porcelain Veneers- Fixed Price Treatment Package

We offer a variety of fixed price packages at Cheadle Hulme Dental and one of these is our Platinum Smile Makeover using porcelain veneers.

porcelain veneers fixed price package

Our Treatment Packages

We have created a variety of treatment packages that have fixed prices so that it is clear for patients what is included in the package and how much it will cost. This makes it less confusing and allows patients to budget more effectively for their treatment.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

After teeth whitening, porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available at our Cheadle Hulme dental practice.

In essence, they are a non-surgical solution to a whole host of dental problems, including cracked or chipped teeth, stained teeth that can’t be fixed using teeth whitening techniques, slight tooth gaps, or uneven tooth size. Veneers have the ability to restore colour, form and function to your smile fast.

The differences between porcelain and composite veneers is that porcelain is a lot more hard wearing than composite, so these type of veneers are less likely to chip or crack. Also, they will last much longer, usually anywhere between 10-15 years where as composites usually last 5-8 years. Additionally, they are completely stain resistant where as composites will stain over time.

We have over 30 shades of porcelain to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find your perfect smile shade. We also use minimal preparation technique, meaning there will hardly be any damage to your natural teeth underneath the veneers.

Our Platinum Smile Makeover Package

With our Platinum Smile Makeover (Porcelain Veneers) Treatment Package, which can be done in just one visit, you get:


✨Intra-Oral Scans and clinical records

✨Treatment Planning appointment

✨Scale & Polish hygienist appointment

✨Premium Boutique home whitening

✨Bespoke Trial Smile

✨12 premium porcelain veneers fitted (single or dual arch)

✨Custom Made Mouthguard

We have fixed costs for this package in order to make pricing really clear for our patients:

Single Arch £10,600

Dual arch £20,000

0% finance options available


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