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18 April 2024

Composite Bonding- Fixed Price Treatment Package

We offer a variety of fixed price packages at Cheadle Hulme Dental and one of these is our Express Smile Makeover using composite bonding.

composite bonding express smile makeover

Our Treatment Packages

We have created a variety of treatment packages that have fixed prices so that it is clear for patients what is included in the package and how much it will cost. This makes it less confusing and allows patients to budget more effectively for their treatment.

Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding—also called teeth bonding, cosmetic bonding, composite edge bonding or dental bonding—is a non-invasive, cosmetic dental treatment that uses a tooth-coloured resin to repair minor imperfections in a tooth’s appearance.

This resin—known as composite—blends glass and plastic particles to create a durable material that can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth.

Dentists apply the composite material directly to the tooth’s surface, sculpting it into the desired shape before hardening it with a specialized curing light.

Composite bonding is versatile, making it an excellent choice for addressing various cosmetic concerns and it can be used for a whole range of dental problems, including chips, cracks, discolouration, and fixing small gaps and minor fractures.

One of the key advantages of composite bonding is its ability to blend seamlessly with the natural tooth structure.

The composite material comes in various shades, allowing the dentist to select a color that closely matches the patient’s existing teeth. This ensures a virtually undetectable repair, allowing patients to smile with confidence.

Our Express Smile Makeover Package

With our Express Smile Makeover (Composite Bonding) Treatment Package, which can be done in just one visit, you get:


✨Intra-Oral Scans and clinical records

✨Treatment Planning appointment

✨Scale & Polish hygienist appointment

✨Premium Boutique home whitening

✨Composite bonding on 6 teeth (single or dual arch)

We have fixed costs for this package in order to make pricing really clear for our patients:

Single Arch £1500

Dual arch £3000

0% finance options available


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