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04 May 2018

Cosmetic Dentist Manchester – 6 Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Are there certain things you wish you could change? Why not have a word with your Church Road dentist? As a busy dentist in Hale, we thrive on making people’s dreams come true by giving them the smile of their dreams. Even people with healthy and structurally sound teeth can be unhappy with certain elements of their smile. Orthodontic issues, discolouration, and misshaped teeth can all knock a person’s self-confidence which is why a cosmetic dentist in Manchester such as ourselves often recommend a smile makeover to help a person achieve their goals.

A person who feels self-conscious about their teeth and gums will probably think twice about smiling and showing their teeth in public. They’ll be the person in the photo who has their mouth firmly shut, and they may even cover their mouth with their hand if, and when they do smile. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a solution in the form of a customised smile makeover treatment plan.

Cosmetic Dentist Manchester

What’s included in my smile makeover plan?

Because everyone’s smile is different each of our smile makeover plans is different too. Our experienced Church Road dentist will listen to how you’d like your smile to look, taking note of things you like and dislike about your smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Manchester will be able to suggest the most effective and least invasive procedures which together produce the most stunning results. It may be that a patient only requires one or two treatments to subtly tweak their smile whereas, for another, a more comprehensive approach may be required. The make-up of any smile makeover plan depends on the patient.

A smile makeover isn’t just about the aesthetics of your smile, it also benefits your health and well being. Let’ s take a look at 6 benefits you could enjoy from a smile makeover.

Increased confidence

Perhaps it’s only you that knows how unhappy you feel about your smile. Or maybe you tried telling someone and they just didn’t get it. For many people, it’s a real pain living every day with a smile that they dislike. It’s not just the times when you look in the mirror after brushing your teeth, but it’s also the times when you feel the need to suppress your smile when in public because you don’t want anyone to see it.

Whether you’ve never liked your smile or you used to love it, we’re here to help. Your dentist in Hale can restore your smile or create a brand new smile for you to fall in love with.

Happy Days

Did you know that when you smile you release a whole bunch of feel-good chemicals from within your body? Not only does this make you feel happy and good in yourself but it makes others around you feel happier too – because you know what? Smiling is infectious!

You’ll also find that you look forward to social occasions more. You may have found that because you were embarrassed by your smile, it prevented you from smiling or caused you to suppress it. After your smile makeover, we guarantee you won’t be able to stop yourself smiling and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel just by relaxing and being yourself.

Improved health

The benefits of a smile makeover don’t just stop at the appearance. Your Church Road dentist will tell you that a healthier more beautiful smile will help improve your oral health and this, in turn, has an impact on your overall health.

Some people refrain from eating healthy fruit and vegetables because they’re difficult for them to bite and chew or perhaps they experience tooth sensitivity with certain foods. Favouring processed foods over fruit and vegetables can lead to several chronic health conditions. Unhealthy teeth can also increase your risk of health problems. Gum disease and infection can cause your teeth to fall out and put you more at risk of heart and kidney disease, and even dementia.

Enjoy your food more

If it’s hard to eat the foods you used to because it’s just too difficult to bite and chew them with unhealthy teeth, or you find that bits get stuck between your crooked teeth, then chances are that you don’t enjoy food as much as you used too.

Bad dental health can also affect your taste buds in a negative way. Gum disease can leave a nasty taste in your mouth, as well as bad breath – which makes it harder to enjoy your food.

Dentures too make it difficult to enjoy your food because a lot of the time you find yourself opting for softer foods which don’t require as much chewing. If you can relate to this, then your cosmetic dentist in Manchester may suggest dental implants as part of your smile makeover. You’ll be amazed at how good food tastes again!

Get a new job

We’re not suggesting you get a smile makeover to land your dream job but it may well improve your chances! Your smile is your biggest asset and employers are more likely to choose a candidate with a straight white smile.

The same can be said for a job promotion at your current place of work. People who smile a lot are perceived as confident, friendly, and trustworthy and more likely to get on well with their colleagues – a characteristic that can improve the odds of promotion.

Find new love

We wouldn’t dare suggest that a smile makeover will help you find love, but it may make you more attractive to the opposite sex. A survey carried out by revealed that a great smile is the most important thing that a person is looking for in a new partner.

How will your new smile change your life?

If you haven’t visited your dentist in Hale for a while then there’s no time like the present to schedule a check-up. Ignoring dental issues only makes them worse and could affect your health too. By acting now and discussing a smile makeover with a cosmetic dentist in Manchester, you could soon find yourself enjoying some of the above benefits. Call on 0161 486 0743 and book your free consultation with our Church Road dentist and we’ll soon have you beaming again.

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