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24 June 2019

Dental Implants in Manchester – Why Replacing A Missing Tooth Really Matters!

Anyone who has read anything about dental implants here in Manchester will know that in the short term at least, they aren’t a cheap option. So if you have a missing tooth that isn’t noticeable by its absence when you smile, then why would you bother spending money to replace it? After all, chances are that it won’t immediately affect how you chew food and moreover, nobody will know the tooth is even missing unless of course, you choose to tell them.

However, before we get into the why’s and wherefores of replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant in Manchester, let’s address the most common question first: What exactly is a dental implant and how does it work?

In essence, a dental implant is a screw-like fixture made from titanium that is anchored directly into the jaw where the missing tooth gap is. Over time, bone tissue fuses with it to create a strong platform which can then be used to support a crown, a dental bridge, or in conjunction with several implants, an entire arch of dentures.

A dental implant is versatile and if cared for correctly is also long lasting – often far exceeding other missing tooth replacement options. So while the process is costlier, more time consuming and more invasive than say, Manchester teeth whitening, it remains the gold standard option for replacing missing or badly damaged teeth. In fact, over 500,000 people undergo dental implant placement every year.

Now you have a better understanding of what a dental implant is, let’s take a closer look at why replacing a missing tooth really matters!

Dental Implant placement in Manchester – Way more than simply aesthetics

Believe it or not, even a single missing tooth has the ability to put a great deal of emotional stress on an individual – even more so when the gap is right in the smile line. For some people, the loss of a perfect smile will cause confidence levels to drop. This, in turn, may affect both work and personal life – even to the point where they become withdrawn. Where the person might once have been self-assured, outgoing and bubbly – now, they refrain from being seen in public and meeting new people. Interestingly, a 2014 study into the psychological factors behind a missing tooth, found that it can even become a trigger for depression and anxiety

As you can imagine, when a missing tooth is replaced with a truly lifelike, fixed alternative like a dental implant, the reverse effect can take place and results have been known to boost patient confidence and self-esteem. Since there is no visible difference externally and very little functional difference, then psychologically at least, an implant-based restoration can have a huge positive-boosting impact on any individual who feels that a missing tooth has dramatically altered their appearance.

Of course, the emotional stress of losing a tooth is only half the story. Let’s take a closer look at what happens from a biological perspective when a tooth is missing.

Alteration in dental structure

Did you know that from the very moment a tooth is lost, your entire dental structure starts to alter?

Imagine a stone archway… If built in the right way it has complete structural integrity without the need for cement or mortar. Why? Because when the stones are positioned in a certain way they work together in harmony to dissipate and spread the load. If any stone is removed or weakened – apart from the distinct possibility of a collapsing arch – the remaining stones are likely to become compromised.

The same thing happens to our teeth. When a tooth is missing, the arch is no longer working as one unit and therefore both structure and strength are compromised. As such, even the normal forces of chewing will mean that the remaining teeth – especially those nearest the gap – will start to tilt, shift and drift towards it.

Then of course, there’s the bone loss issue. When a tooth is lost, the body believes that any root-supporting bone tissue is no longer needed. Therefore any calcium contained within the bone tissue is reabsorbed back into the body to be used in other areas that need it more. The result is ongoing jawbone shrinkage.

As teeth need healthy bone to support them, this can be problematic later on down the line. Did you know for example that as much as 25% of jawbone width can be lost within the first year after tooth loss?

The reality is that when a tooth is lost, it is likely to kick-start a whole batch of processes designed to compromise any remaining teeth and gums.

So, for biological reasons as well as aesthetic ones, it’s highly important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible, but why choose a dental implant? Our Manchester dentist explains…

Dental Implants Manchester – The stand-out tooth replacement option

We’ve already mentioned that a dental implant has the ability to aesthetically replace a missing tooth, but what about biologically?

In short, a dental implant has the ability to stop the bone loss process, whereas a conventional denture or bridge can’t. Let’s take a closer look…

While partial dentures and dental bridges all do the job of plugging a gap where a missing tooth once was, perhaps the real game changer is what happens down below the gum line.

Unlike conventional partial dentures and dental bridges which are held in position by means of a framework supported by surrounding natural teeth – dental implants are a standalone item. Because they are anchored down into the jawbone not only are they self-supporting but the titanium implant cleverly doubles as a substitute tooth root.

Once the implant is anchored into the jaw it tricks the body into thinking that any remaining bone tissue in and around the gap is needed to support the ‘new’ tooth root. As a result of some clever biomimicry, any remaining bone tissue won’t be reabsorbed back into the body.  This is how the bone loss process is halted and is also a reason why a dental implant remains the best form of tooth replacement in terms of longevity.

The truth is that quality implants with the right prosthetics have the ability to change the life of a patient in a hugely positive way. So if you have a missing tooth or teeth, even if they are not directly visible when you smile, it’s worth considering a dental implant restoration in Manchester.

To find out more about dental implants, Manchester patients might want to consider talking to our experienced team at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. Under the guidance of Dr. Shi Karim, we are well-versed in bringing the very best out of your smile. Don’t let one missing tooth deplete the elegance of your smile. Instead, call 0161 486 0743 and book a no-obligation consultation today.

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