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16 April 2018

Dental Implants Manchester – 3 of the Biggest Myths Busted!

Whether you’re considering dental implants in Manchester or indeed anywhere else in the country you’ve probably read a lot of information about them. While some of it is no doubt factually correct, others (it has to be said) isn’t. As your dentist in Stockport and the surrounding areas, we feel it’s our duty to bust some of the myths surrounding dental implants, so you can at least make a fully informed dental decision. With this in mind, let’s dive straight in and take a look…

Dental Implants Manchester

Myth 1 – It’s a lengthy and painful process

While some implant-based restorations can be a relatively lengthy process (sometimes lasting up to 9 months) much of this is down to recovery/waiting time. As an implant dentist, Stockport residents should note that this shouldn’t be confused with surgery time. In actual fact, surgery time is usually no more than one or two short visits lasting a couple of hours in total.

What’s more, modern technology and improved dental techniques mean that for the vast majority of patients, it equates to pain-free surgery. Add to this the introduction of conscious sedation and most patients will not only feel very relaxed, but chances are they won’t even remember being under the knife.

That’s all well and good”  I hear you say… ”but what about after surgery?”

The honest answer is that anyone undergoing dental implants in Manchester may experience slight pain depending on how invasive and complex the surgery is. For example, if a patient has undergone a straight forward ‘one-for-one‘ missing tooth replacement, with no complications then it’s probable they may feel very little pain and be back to work within 1-2 days.

Alternatively, if a patient has undergone multiple implants, it’s likely that they’ll feel some degree of tenderness in the jaw area, along with visible signs of swelling and bruising. This can be up to 7-10 days after the event.

That said, any pain felt can normally be controlled using over-the-counter pain killers such as paracetamol, and any bruising or swelling can usually be brought under control using a combination of hot and cold compresses. On the whole, most people fully recover within 10 -20 days.

Myth 2 – You’ve got to be in tip-top oral health

Ask any dentist in Stockport who has a special interest in dental implants and they’ll tell you that in order for the implantation process to work, you need to have a healthy mouth. While this is certainly true (dental implants can’t be placed into diseased areas or areas where there is little or no bone) it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be turned away either.

Instead, if your oral health isn’t as it should be then a personalised treatment plan will be drawn up by the implant dentist. Stockport residents should note however that any plan would need to involve treating the issue/s first before any dental implants can be placed. This will add on time and cost to the treatment and may involve eradicating gum disease or building up layers of healthy bone but once any issues are rectified, there should be no reason why you can’t undergo an implant restoration.

That said a patient may be refused treatment if they have serious health issues such as heart problems (patients need to remember that this is a surgical procedure and therefore there may be certain risks associated with it) or lifestyle choices such as smoking – If patients continue to smoke during implant treatment, it’s possible that the bacteria contained in nicotine can compromise the dental implant process causing it to fail.  Aside from these issues, you should be a suitable candidate.

But what about age – Isn’t there an upper age limit?

It really doesn’t matter what age you are. Here at Church Road Dental, for example, we’ve successfully fitted dental implants in Manchester into 80-year-old patients who have then gone on to have a new lease on life. So when we say you’re never too old, we really do mean it!

Myth 3 – They’re seriously expensive!

If you look at the initial expense then yes – they can appear expensive? However, if you look past the initial expense and think long term, then actually, you really do get a lot of ‘bang for your buck!‘ You get…

  • A form of missing tooth replacement that can outlast conventional methods, often 3 or 4 times longer – The lifespan of a conventional denture is roughly 7-10 years whereas it isn’t uncommon for dental implants in Manchester to last 20 -30 years or more.
  • A lifelike and durable tooth replacement option that requires conventional brushing and flossing only – just like you would your natural teeth, there’s no need to buy an ongoing supply of soaks, sterilisers, and fixers, making implants a hassle-free and cost-effective option.
  • A missing tooth replacement that allows you to eat whatever you like giving you the choice to follow a healthy diet – While other tooth replacement options give patients the opportunity to eat foods they may otherwise need to avoid, they aren’t as strong as dental implants. As a result people may still find some foods such as nuts and crunchy vegetables difficult to chew. On the contrary, dental implants are incredibly durable and once fused to natural bone can deliver a bite force somewhere between 80% and 90% of our natural teeth. As a result crisp green apples, lean meat, or even the odd toffee or two shouldn’t be a problem.

For these reasons, implant-based restorations are actually a cost effective, long-term solution to missing teeth replacement.

If after reading this you feel that dental implants in Manchester could be the right fit for you, then come and talk to the team at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. We’re your dentist in Manchester and the surrounding areas, so let us help you restore your smile. For a no-obligation consultation, call our dentist Stockport on 0161 486 0743 today!

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