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16 March 2012

Everyone wants a Kate Middleton smile

So you want your smile to be white, straight but still natural just like Kate’s. She’s the girl after our own hearts.  She shops on the high street and whilst looking polished she remains to look natural.


If you look at old pictures of Kate her teeth were not perfect and not as white as they are now yet she still maintains a natural smile.


A simple step such as a teeth whitening treatment can completely transform your smile whilst keeping it natural. Sometimes just that little lift can make you look and feel years younger and improve your confidence.Click here to read more about teeth whitening options

Some braces & aligners can make minimal adjustments to your teeth such as pushing back teeth that stick out at the front or improve crowded teeth. This can usually be done in a matter of weeks and will be a permanent improvement for your smile without causing any long term damage to your teeth. Click here to view this fast acting brace

Veneers are an option for improving your smile and will give you a straight, white smile but tooth tissue is lost during the preparation and they are not a long term solution. Whilst veneers can still be made to look very natural many people having them placed are after a ‘Hollywood smile’ which can usually look unnatural.

There are many different factors that affect the brightness of your teeth and we can help you improve and maintain this. When doing any form of cosmetic treatment we always talk through 3 things

  1. Your lifestyle & diet
  2. The results you are looking to achieve
  3. How we can help you achieve those results as best as we can whilst managing your expectations.

Usually a treatment that might work and be suitable for one person does not mean another person will achieve the same result. However, we do try our best to meet your expectations whenever possible.

All of our cosmetic consultations are free and we have an in depth discussion with you in the comfort of our private consultation lounge to establish

  1. What it is that you don’t like about your smile
  2. How we can help you improve it
  3. Any anxieties you may have
  4. Any questions you may have
  5. Every option available to you
  6. What is going to be a manageable budget for you for treatment and discuss all payment options available
  7. Discuss suitability and flexibility for appointment times to fit in round your lifestyle
  8. How we can help you maintain your new smile

Why not give one of our friendly team members a call and see how we can help you achieve your natural smile?

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Taking your smile in a positive direction

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