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02 October 2014

Straighter, Whiter Teeth

Straighter, whiter teeth in just 6 months, sound good?

I bet when you think of braces you think of a mouth full of unsightly silver metal train tracks that are on for years. Well not with Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is an effective, safe and affordable solution to straighten your teeth and will do so in just six short months.

The brace is tooth coloured and therefore much more discreet than the traditional silver brace. It is a cosmetic brace that is now very popular with adults.

More and more people are choosing Six Month Smiles over other orthodontic appliances such as clear aligners due to its amazing results in such short period of time and at a more affordable price to its alternatives.

There are many benefits to Six Month Smiles the main ones are

• The wire brackets are small, tooth-coloured and discreet
• The cost is much less than traditional or invisible braces
• Treatment time is reduced by 75% compared to conventional treatment

• Discomfort is minimal

Below is a Google review off one of our very happy patients
Chris McLeod
Reviewed a month ago
I had a brace when I was a teen, but due to the fact I was never given a wire or retainer, my teeth moved back and were very overcrowded, making me self conscious when smiling and especially on photos. I thought coming up to my 30th birthday, it was time to get these teeth back straight. After a look around, I came across Cheadle Hulme Dental and I was extremely happy from the moment I made contact. They had me in for a consultation straight away, and decided the 6 month smile was right for me. It took about 8 weeks to be made and then I was on with the fitting. They expected it to take 10 months to straighten my teeth, but they were done in 8. Any issue I had along the way, they were happy to help and always fit me in for the odd trip back to them when a wire came loose etc. since removal, I have still been able to contact them and they have helped me with various questions I have had since treatment. Shi, the main dentist who managed my treatment even replied to an email I sent on a Sunday, and I would never expect anyone to reply to an email on a Sunday. All in all, a very pleasant experience, I would highly recommend the practice and I am extremely happy now with my smile 🙂

Below is a beautiful smile created by our amazing dentist Dr Stephen Dodd using the Six Month Smile system



Our prices here at Church Road Dental & Cosmetic are inclusive of all your visits and retainers and once we have perfected your new beautiful smile we will also whiten your teeth for free.

We also offer payment plans to suit your needs.

So if you like the sound of straighter, whiter teeth in just six months then why do you book for a free no obligation consultation with our smile advisor Kerry Sheehan? You can book by calling 0161 486 0743 or online at

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