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01 January 2018

The Low-down On Lingual Braces Manchester – 9 Things You Should Know First

The Low-down On Lingual Braces Manchester - 9 Things You Should Know First

A great looking smile is definitely an asset. It boosts your self-esteem and fills you with confidence. Whether you need to cover unsightly stains with veneers, brighten your smile with whitening or fill gaps with dental implants, Manchester patients can have it all at Church Road Dental. However, what if you’d like to move your teeth but are put off by lengthy treatment times and a visible mouth full of metal? We’ve got the solution to that too! With our lingual braces in Manchester, no one will know you’re wearing braces – unless you want them to.

So if lingual braces sound like the answer to the straight smile you’re looking for, here are 9 things you should know first:

1. Lingual braces are invisible

Well, not entirely, but almost. Lingual braces in Manchester stand out to many of our patients because they’re fixed behind the teeth, which means they are hidden from view nicely – even when you smile broadly. That means when wearing lingual braces, there’s no drop in self-confidence or embarrassment – they’re quite literally the secret to a great smile!

2. Brackets and wires are customised for each patient

While the outside surfaces of our teeth are generally smooth with little variation from person to person, the inside surface has a few more irregularities. For this reason, your orthodontist will use unique, customised wires and brackets that fit your mouth perfectly to achieve the best results.

3. Lingual braces are fixed in place

Lingual braces are essentially fixed braces – just hidden from view. This means that they’ll remain firmly in place throughout your entire treatment, working to straighten your smile at all times. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about losing them or bother removing them when eating and drinking.

4. There’s no age limit

Most people imagine that if they haven’t corrected their teeth during childhood, they’ve missed their chance. That’s not true – you’re never too old to look good! Many patients use popular cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening and Botox treatment in Manchester to boost their confidence and straightening your teeth can have the same effect. More and more adults are looking to get the perfect smile invisibly and lingual braces help you to do just that.

5. They’re straightforward to fit

You’d think that fitting braces behind your teeth would be a tricky and uncomfortable job. But with advances in technology and because lingual brackets and wires are personally customised to each patient, it can actually be faster than placing traditional braces!

6. You’ll need to avoid certain foods

Probably the hardest part about wearing lingual braces in Manchester is that you’ll need to think more carefully about your food choices. Braces aren’t indestructible and can be easily broken if you reach for foods such as sticky toffees, crunchy apples, crusty bread, popcorn, chewing gum and the like. While we’re on the subject, it’s best to stop chewing pen lids and biting your nails too!

7. You must have a great oral hygiene routine

You’ll also need to pay close attention to your dental hygiene – just as you would while wearing any kind of brace. It can be a little harder to clean your teeth though, especially as the braces won’t be easily visible. You’ll likely find that brushing your teeth after every meal is worthwhile and investing in an electronic toothbrush might also be a good idea. Another tip is to use a daily fluoride mouthwash before bed to help strengthen and protect your teeth and don’t avoid your dental hygienist!

8. Lingual braces can treat a wide range of issues

Lingual braces have no limitations in terms of improving your smile, no matter how complex your case, in fact, lingual braces in Manchester are capable of delivering the same – if not better – results than conventional braces. Oral insecurities that can be corrected include:

  • Gaps and spaces
  • Over-bites
  • Under-bites
  • Cross-bites
  • Crowding
  • Missing teeth
  • Tipped teeth

But if you’ve got one or more dental implants? Manchester patients may still be able to have brace treatment even if they have implants. Although the implant itself can’t be moved at all, if it’s already in the desired position then we’ll happily work around it.

9. Quicker treatment times

Length of treatment will vary for each patient – depending on your individual situation – but treatment can be completed in as little as 6 months. Your treatment plan should give you an estimate of how long it’s likely you’ll need to wear your braces for. But at the end of the day, however long it may take, you’ll find it’s a small inconvenience to achieve a perfect smile!

So whether you’re an adult or teenager, if you’re concerned about your appearance and would like a straighter smile, lingual braces in Manchester are an option for you. Now is the perfect time to begin your journey with a better smile. Start by requesting a consultation on 0161 486 0743 and visiting our experienced team here at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. We pride ourselves on our ability to perform advanced cosmetic procedures, ranging from dental implants to Botox treatment in Manchester.

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