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13 April 2018

Dental Implants Manchester – Do You Really Need A Healthy Mouth?

Dental Implants Manchester

When people first inquire about dental implants in Manchester, it’s often a reaction or response to tooth decay or recent tooth loss. As such, many people are surprised to hear a Didsbury dentist tell them that any oral problems or issues will need to first be understood and dealt with before any implant-based restorations can begin. This includes tooth decay treatment for problem teeth.

But why is this and what type of problems first need to be addressed?

Let’s put it this way…

If you suffer from gum disease then it can be a major source of bone loss. The problem is that although there are varying types of implants available, very few can sustain their condition if they’re placed into shallow, or unhealthy bone. So it’s highly lightly that if you suffer from gum disease problems, then you’ll have problems with your dental implants.

What about signs of tooth decay?

Ask any Didsbury dentist and they’ll tell you the same…tooth decay is caused by bad bacteria and while gum disease erodes the gums that support the teeth, the acid that the bacteria forms, attacks the tooth itself. Initially, this isn’t painful and in many cases, it can go unnoticeable. However if left untreated, it can attack the deeper layers of the tooth and end up infecting the inner tooth pulp. This is where all the blood vessels and sensitive nerves are and as a result, it can be very painful.

It can also spread to the gums and for this reason, tooth decay treatment is needed before any implants are placed as this ensures that they have the best possible chance of survival.

So how do you know if you have an unhealthy mouth?

If you’re aware of loose teeth, bleeding gums when you brush your teeth, sensitivity when drinking hot and cold beverages or bad breath, then you may have gum or tooth problems. Gum disease may also be signified by a discolouration of the gums.

Did you know for example that healthy gums should be light pink in colour and firm to the touch? So if your gums are a deep red colour or are swollen, then it’s a very good indication that you may have gum disease.

While it’s important to talk about the causes of gum disease and tooth decay, perhaps the question you really want to know is“can it be dealt with before undergoing dental implants in Manchester?

The good news is that most gum and teeth problems can be stabilised and this is something that any Didsbury dentist should be able to do. Eradicating tooth decay and/or gum problems can be anything from a simple hygiene clean and a course of antibiotics, through to root planning and bone augmentation. The point is that no matter how severe, your dental team should be able to get you to a point where you’re dentally fit.

Here at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics, for example, our highly skilled team can deal with and treat a wide range of dental problems and while this may take time to sort – after all your gum disease probably didn’t occur overnight – we should be able to get you to a stage where you

can undergo dental implant restorations without fear of possible implant failure.

So how does the process work?

At an initial consultation, your dentist will access you to see whether dental implants in Manchester are a viable treatment option. Patients should expect to answer detailed questions about their overall oral health as well as their medical history. You’ll also be asked about lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking as these too can have an impact on your dental implant success.

As an example, in some cases dentists will decline to place implants if someone can’t reduce their smoking or drinking habits; or – when it comes to smoking – give up altogether. Finally, after a series of 3D scans and/or X-rays, our dentist will have a pretty good idea about the possibility of dental implants.

If you are eligible and treatments are needed for problems such as gum disease, bone deficiency, and tooth decay, treatment plans will be drawn up to reflect this.

Remember, with conventional dental implants -that is implants that require a separate abutment and crown to be fitted – pretreatments for any of the above conditions will need to be added on to any existing implant restoration time.

So while it’s not impossible for a Didsbury dentist to treat a patient with dental implants who initially has an unhealthy mouth, it will lengthen the process. In some cases, quite considerably!

So to recap…

Dental implants need to be placed into a healthy mouthy to ensure they stand the best chance of success. Of course, the ideal patient would be one that shows no signs of gum disease or tooth decay, is medically fit and doesn’t smoke or drink excessively. However, that shouldn’t discourage those with gum or teeth decay problems to seek an experienced dentist when considering dental implants. Manchester based dentists such as ours right here in Cheadle Hulme, have the skills to get you dentally fit, ready for your implant restorations. Whether that’s through tooth decay treatment, eradication of gum disease, or rebuilding healthy bone to rehouse the implant, let’s just say, we’ve got it covered!

For further information on how we can help you restore your smile then book a consultation with  Shi Karim and the team. We’re your Didsbury dentist, so call us on 0161 486 0743 and start your journey towards a healthy smile and a happy you!

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